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I asked my wife if shed like me to be in the room with her when she delivered our child

She said "Why? It's not like you were in the room when she was concieved.

RIP Rodney Dangerfield

My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I told him I wanted another opinion..

He said fine, you're ugly too

-Rodney Dangerfield

Thanks, Rodney

(Assume the Dangerfield voice) "My wife and me don't get along too good, y'know? She said she was gonna cut me down to once a month. Once a month!

"Yeah, I guess it's not so bad. I know two guys she cut off completely!"

When I was born I was so ugly...

the doctor slapped my mother.

I got an incredible price on a Rodney Dangerfield VHS tape

Blockbuster was having a Back to School sale!

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