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The Best Dandy Puns

What do you call a lion with a fancy hat?

A dandy lion.

What do you call a lion wearing a stylish hat?

A dandy lion

Three kids are in a park with their father

The first child approaches the father and asks,
"Dad, why am I named Dandy?"

Father responds,
"Because a dandelion fell on your head when you were born."

Second kid comes up and asks
"Dad, why am I named Rose?"

Dad responds,
"Because a rose fell on your head when you were born."

Third kid runs up screaming,

Dad gets up and shouts at the third one, causing a scene,

What's the difference between a weed and a lion in drag?

One is a dandelion and one is a dandy lion!

What can a happy lion and a flower have in common?

They can both be dandy.

If Snagglepuss is gay...

... does that make him a "Dandy Lion"?

What do you call a fop that is good at fixing things?

A handy dandy.

There was once a lion with no hair on his head, so we named him...

Dandy Lion

Are you sure you're the dandy highwayman?

Yes, I'm adamant

Why was the botanist afraid of the garden?

Because there were dandy lions.

Yankee doodle keep it up, Yankee doodle dandy...

Yankee doodle went to town and got himself a handy.

What kind a lion doesn't roar?

A dandy lion

Roses are red, and I think you're dandy, lets go to my house,

and give me a handy.

So a city dandy decided to become a gentleman farmer...

And on his farm he decided to raise chickens. So down to the coop he goes to buy 50 chicks to raise on his farm.

Problem was that two weeks later they were all dead. So back down to the coop he goes. The man at the coop asked him why he was back for more chicks.

The dandy says "I can't say. Either I'm planting them too deep or too far apart".

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