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The Best Dancin Puns

I am going for dancing lessons.

We did the waltz yesterday and it was really hard.

I just feel like I'm always taking 2 steps forward and 1 back.

A guy moves into a new neighborhood...

And a redneck knocks on the door. The guy opens and the redneck says "howdy neighbor! welcome to the neighborhood! Tonight I'm gona throw a party in your honor - there's gona be a whole lot of dancin, a whole lot of drinkin and a whole lot of screwin!"
The guy replies "sounds great! What should I bring?" The redneck replies "wellp - you can bring whatever you want, it's just gona be you and me"

What did the dancing queen use to solve her math problems?

An ABBA-cus.

I was dancing with a girl in a nightclub.

"What are we going to do after this?" I asked her.

She said, "How does sex sound?"

I said, "Soggy."

Dancing was popular in 1776

The Independance

Dancing wizard and a blistered foot.

What spell does a dancing wizard cast on a blistered foot?

Heal Toe!!

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