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The Best Dancers Puns

I wonder if tap dancers....

Look at a floor and think "I'd tap that"

I went to see the ballet, and..

..all the dancers were standing on tiptoe.

I said,"Why don't they just get taller dancers?"ο»Ώ

How many dancers does it take to change a light bulb?

Five… six… seven… eight!

Health insurance is rare for exotic dancers.

Most strippers have little or no coverage.

Why are South Koreans better dancers than North Koreans?

They've got Seoul.

Why do ballet dancers always stand on their toes?

Could they not hire taller dancers?

What is the most common death among square dancers?

Over Do-se-do.

If dancers have two eyes then what do ballerinas have?

Two too.

Why are dogs terrible dancers ?

Because they have two left feet.

Why are dogs such terrible dancers?

They have two left feet.

When I went to Poland I saw the greatest dancing group in the country

When my wife asked what I did there I told her I saw the worlds best pole dancers!

Why are horses lousy dancers?

Because they have two left feet.

With bars reopening, exotic dancers can once again bring home the bacon...

...but only one strip at a time.


How many legs does an elephant have?
Four. Two in the front and two in the back.

Why don't elephants make good dancers?
They have two left feet.

What's flat and feathery and half an inch tall?
A duck who tried to teach an elephant how to dance.

Why do ducks have webbed feet?
To stomp out forest fires.

Why do elephants have flat feet?
To stomp out flaming ducks, of course.

Why aren't dogs very good dancers?

They have two left feet.

Which playing cards are the best dancers?

The king and queen of clubs

I'm going to open a strip club where the dancers rap.

And call it titty bars

Why do Irish dancers only dance with their legs?

Cause all the arms have been decommissioned.

Mr. Mole told Mrs. Mole he would have to work late at the bakery.

He comes home and she is furious. She says don't lie to me …
you were at the Bottoms Up bar getting lap dances from the female mole dancers! He said "why would you say that?" She exclaimed "Because your clothes smell like molasses.

Fancy Strip Club

I found my self at a strip club one evening. Apparently it was a nice one because when I pulled out a dollar bill to tip one of the dancers she promptly told me "sorry darling but we only take big bills here." without missing a beat I said "no problem hun, all I have are big bills." i winked at her, reached inside my coat pocket and stuffed my electric bill in her G-string.

I have a new job.

I'm a dressing room attendant for dancers at a strip club.
That's not much, but it's all I can afford.

Irish line dancers have superior form

Hands down.

[OC] A sketchy looking guy asks a stripper if she'll join him on a spiritual quest in the Las Vegas desert.

She knows she would be dumb to accept the invitation, but she asks her manager for advice first just in case. His response is simple:

"There are no stupid quest shuns; only stupid dancers."

Why aren't PokΓ©mon very good dancers?

They can only learn 4 moves.

What do bad dancers have in common with Michael J Fox trying to use the soft serve ice cream machine?

They both have a hard time pulling off a twist.

Why do 19th century dancers repeat the last word in their sentences?

Because they cancan.

How many dancers does it take to peel a carrot?! (from 'Cooks vs. Cons')

What kind of puzzles do both dancers and construction workers share


In what way is the future generation of fortnite dancers like alcohol?

They're both depressants

It confuses me why ballerinas are always on their tippy-toes

If they just hired taller dancers they wouldn't have to be.

Why is it?

Why is it that when my wife tells me she's taking me to a topless bar, there's no dancers, all the waitresses keep their shirts on and all the food is small portions on little plates?

Why are ballet dancers always tiptoeing?

They should just find taller dancers instead!

It's ironic that people with club feet...

...are not very good dancers

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