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Gays in the military

If gay men were allowed in the army, Saving Private Ryan will be a lot shorter, because it wouldn't take them 3 hours to find Matt Damon.

If the characters were gay, Saving Private Ryan would have been a way shorter film.

There is no way a group of gay men would have taken 3 hours to find Matt Damon

George Clooney Matt Damon and Matthew McConaughey got together to make a movie.

George said: I'll Direct

Matt Damon said: I'll produce

Matthew McConaughey said: ill write ill write ill wriite

Damon joke, George Clooney Matt Damon and Matthew McConaughey got together to make a movie.

What does Matt Damon call it when he shops for cheap clothes?

Goodwill Hunting

What do you call Matt Damon when he haunts a carpet store?

Mat Demon

My mate wears the same jacket when he's impersonating either Matt Damon or Hugh Jackman.

Maybe he's Bourne with it, maybe it's Wolverine.

If gay men were allowed in the army back in WWII, Saving Private Ryan would be a lot shorter...

Because there is no way it would take 3 hours for a group of gay men to find Matt Damon.

Damon joke, If gay men were allowed in the army back in WWII, Saving Private Ryan would be a lot shorter...

I was beaten to a lead role in a film, and have planned to get my revenge with Matt Damon ever since.

I'll make him wish he'd never been Bourne.

What does Matt Damon call thrift shopping?

Goodwill Hunting.

What did Matt Damon do when he went looking for a used sports coat?

He went Goodwill Hunting

How do you sabotage a space mission ?

Send Matt Damon

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Three actors are deciding on roles for a movie about classical music.

Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger are all taking part in a new movie about classical composers.

"I think I'll play Beethoven!" declared Matt.

"I'd like the role of Mozart!" Brad decided.

"I'll be Bach." said Arnie.

Some diseases are airborne, some are waterborne...

But the Matt Damon disease is Jason Bourne

What does Johnny Depp, Dave Pirner and Matt Damon have in common?

They were all Winona Riders.

Why does Matt Damon refuse to have sex in his newest movie?

Because he's Bourne again.

Did you hear about the Bourne identity movie?

Matt Damon returns in ..........Still Bourne

Damon joke, Did you hear about the Bourne identity movie?

What were the odds that Matt Damon made it off Mars?


What do you call a baby Matt Damon?

A new-Bourne

Glad to see Matt Damon nominated for Best Actor. I honestly believe he is the Best Actor on the planet.

Leo and Matt Damon are talking.....

Leo:wanna hear a joke?
Matt: sure
Matt: i did'nt get it

I watched Lost In Space and loved it!

It was a great documentary on Matt Damon.

Why can't Matt Damon find work?

Because he was Bourne yesterday.

I saw Matt Damon eating toast in his hometown...

...could it be Bourne and Bread?

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