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Me: Damnit! The forecast shows up to 5 inches of snow!!

Wife: If I don't complain about a few inches, neither should you.

Damned TSA

If airport security asks you if you have any weapons don't say, "No, I prefer to kill with my bare hands." They don't think it's funny, apparently.

"Well I'll be damned."

said atheist when rapture happened.

Damned if you do

Grandad: My sister drowned in a pond. Dreadfully sad...

Me: Oh my God, that's terrible!

Grandad: Not really. If she'd floated, we would have had to burn her!

Damnit, just cut my thumb off with the tablesaw after I bent over to pick up what I thought was a thumb (ironically enough) off the ground

You win thumb, you lose thumb.

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