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Dammmn girl, are you a smoke detector?

Cause you're annoying and won't shut the fuck up.


A man stopped breathing today at a bar...

A lady then screamed out "ANYBODY KNOW CPR"
I yelled back. "I know the whole damm alphabet!"
Everyone Laughed... Well except 1 guy...


Dammit Dad

Dad: "Whaddya got there, son?"

Son: "Soy milk."

Dad: -pauses- "Hola milk, soy tu padre."


A dammed soul is led through hell by the devil...

... they pass rooms of various torture and suffering. "Your room is right over here" says Satan, pointing to a cell filled with fire and hot coals. Just before entering the condemned man sees his neighbor's cell. It is a comfortable cocktail lounge. The Man's lawyer, also recently dead, sits on a couch sipping whiskey with his arm around a beautiful woman. The lawyer is laughing, smiling and chatting in her ear. "No fair!" Says the man. Why can't I have that punishment? Satan smiles. "Wanna switch?" "Yes!" says the man. "Ok." The man runs over and sits on the couch. The woman says. "Thank god!" And runs into the fiery cell.
The Lawyer puts his arm around the man and smiles.


Damm girl, I wish I was RNA polymerase II

so I could unzip your jeans just long enough to shoot one out and leave.


Dammmn girl, did you fall from heaven?

Because your face is wrecked.


I can't believe it.

Yesterday i saw some kids that were no older than 12 years, standing by a cigarette dispenser. As I was watching them, one boy looked to me and decided to talk to me:,,Hey mister! Would you be so kind and buy some cigarettes for us?". I was astonished. I couldn't believe what i just heard. When did kids become so damm polite?


My barber friend is so damm rude.

He keeps talking behind my back!


Do you know what's the God's last name?




I missed the Blink 182 show.


Damm girl are you a cat?


how do you get that dammed pickle jar to open?

try the man in the fields ritual

creepypasta joke


Damm the doctor needs to move faster

Well the doctor has patience


Dammit, I just burned my Hawaiian pizza

Maybe I should have cooked it on aloha temperature


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