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A man stopped breathing today at a bar...

A lady then screamed out "ANYBODY KNOW CPR"
I yelled back. "I know the whole damm alphabet!"
Everyone Laughed... Well except 1 guy...

Damm girl, I wish I was RNA polymerase II

so I could unzip your jeans just long enough to shoot one out and leave.

Dammmn girl, did you fall from heaven?

Because your face is wrecked.

My barber friend is so damm rude.

He keeps talking behind my back!

I can't believe it.

Yesterday i saw some kids that were no older than 12 years, standing by a cigarette dispenser. As I was watching them, one boy looked to me and decided to talk to me:,,Hey mister! Would you be so kind and buy some cigarettes for us?". I was astonished. I couldn't believe what i just heard. When did kids become so damm polite?

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