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The Best Dalmatian Puns

I spotted an albino Dalmatian yesterday.

It was the least I could do for him.

Today I spotted an albino Dalmatian...

It was the least I could do.

I just bought a Dalmatian puppy...

And I've found out that if you join all the dots together with a marker pen...

It doesn't wash off...

Dalmatian joke, I just bought a Dalmatian puppy...

What's White with Black Spots?

A Dalmatian.

What's black with white spots?

A plantation.

Why can't Dalmatians hide?

Because they're always spotted!

Did you hear about the missing dalmatian?

It's been spotted.

Help! Has anyone seen my dalmatian?

It was last spotted all over.

Dalmatian joke, Help! Has anyone seen my dalmatian?

My mom said that she wants the house Spotless

So I threw the Dalmatian through the window.

My dalmatian got away from me and ran through a car wash.

Now he's spotless.

Asked the Priest for forgiveness because I ate a dog today

Asked the Priest for forgiveness because I ate a dog today.
He said I would suffer eternal dalmatian.

What did the cow say when she saw the Dalmatian?

Dam... I got to get in shape!

Guy: Darling, from now on I will call you Eve as you are my first woman..

Girl: Honey, and I will call you Dalmatian because you're my one hundred and first...

I was once friends with an albino Dalmatian

He was tired of being made fun of for being completely white, so he decided to get small round tattoos inked all over his body. He was just $20 short.

I told him, Don't worry Dog, I'll spot you.

What did the Dalmatian say after eating its favorite treat?

Mmm, that hit the spot!

Who wins in a fight between a totally white Dalmatian and a Bear???????

The Dalmatian of course. The Bear wouldn't be able to spot it.

What does a Dalmatian eat, breathe, and sleep for?

The spotlight!

Dalmatian joke, What does a Dalmatian eat, breathe, and sleep for?

My friend guessed that my favourite dog is a Dalmatian

His guess was spot-on.

Where do Dalmatians get their music from?


Do you know how to spot a clickbait?

Cross it with a dalmatian.

Why Dalmatians have been caught trespassing?

Because they are spotted.

What do you get when you mix a Great Dane with Dalmatian?

A Great Damnation

If you ever feel down because you "almost made it..."

Just imagine how the 102nd dalmatian feels

Did you hear the one about the firedog getting rebuked by a Raggedy Anne?

You know what they say. Dalmatian.

Why is a lost Dalmatian easily found?

Because he's always spotted.


"Would you like to buy my dog?" Mick : "What kind is it?" Paddy: "It's a Dalmatian." Mick : "Is it clean?" Paddy: "Spotless."

A Dalmatian walks into a bar and orders a pilsner

Actually, maybe it was an Air Bud Light, I don't know, my memory is all spotty

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