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The Best Dalek Puns

What does a Dalek do in the shower?


What did the Dalek say to the lightbulb?


What is a daleks favourite breakfast

Eggs, plain

What is Doctor Who's favourite bread?

Dalek Bread

What does a dalek do in the shower


What did the Dalek with bad skin have to do?


A dalek walks into a bar

And the bartender says: "Sorry, we don't serve Daleks"

So the Dalek murders him with a death ray!

I phoned the government, and asked what precautions they had taken against a Dalek invasion.

They told me steps had been put in place.

You know, Daleks are pretty good if you have a bug infestation

In fact, they are so good they can't stop themselves from EXTERMINATING

The Daleks once tried to clone the Tardis.

They created a clone, but abandoned it because it couldn't function normally.

It was re-Tardis.

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