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Why did the Dairy Queen get pregnant?

The Burger King forgot to wrap his whopper

So, this dairy farmer takes his son out to learn about milking for the first time.

After he shows how to pull on the udders and fill the bucket, he says, "Now son, we have to dip your head in the milk to make it safe to drink."
The boy is confused and asks, "You've gotta dunk my whole head in the milk to be safe, Pa?"
The dairy farmer says, "No, son, no..."

"Just past your eyes."

Dairy Queen should have had a Harry Potter promotion.

You're a blizzard Dairy.

Dair joke, Dairy Queen should have had a Harry Potter promotion.

If Dairy Queen and Burger King had a baby, what do you call it?

Restaurants can't have sex you moron.

Why don't dairy farmers wear flip flops?

Because they lactose.

What is the dairy farmer's favorite exercise?

Calf Raises.

How did Dairy Queen wind up pregnant?

Burger King didn't wrap his Whopper

Dair joke, How did Dairy Queen wind up pregnant?

A dairy farmer got thrown out of the comedy club last night.

They said his jokes were too cheesy

What does a dairy farm smell like?


A Dairy Farmer got into the healthy Oat Milk business.

He *barley* made ends meet.

Why does the Dairy Queen have small fries?

Because the Burger King forgets to wrap his Whopper!

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What did the dairy farmers say when they saw godzilla?


Why are dairy farmers non-monogamous?

They see udders.

Not your dairy insect

An ant was walking around when it found a 5inch ant of his very same species:

- Why are youso big, it asked
- I drink a lot of milk

"Lactose in taller ant"

Why is Dairy Queen always in a bad mood?

Because she's married to Mister Softee.

What is the dairy farmer's favorite Disney movie?


Dair joke, What is the dairy farmer's favorite Disney movie?

Why did the dairy farmer decide not to start growing weed near the cows?

The steaks would be too high

What do you call a person from India who has been everywhere and done everything???

Bin Dair Dundat

Dairy product truck clashed and everything inside went flying out.

That's when I saw butter fly.

Why did Dairy Queen get pregnant?

Burger King didn't cover his whopper.

What dairy product is the most revered?

Swiss cheese, after all it's the holeist!

Why couldn't Dairy Queen have any kids?

She married Mr Softee.

How did the dairy cow feel after it couldn't produce any milk?

Completely and udderly betrayed.

The dairy industry in the Middle-East depends on

milk shakes.

A dairy farmer is a farmer who raises cattle to produce milk products.

A darey farmer is a farmer who takes a lot of risks.

Why was the dairy afraid to go to sleep?

There was a munster cheese in its closet.

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Why do dairy farmers raise cows, but not cow snakes?

They are "lack-toes" intolerant

Why isn't the Dairy Queen a mom?

She married Mr. Softee

Dairy farmers are always complaining about the wages they get paid...

To be honest, I think they're milking it

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