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Daily Mail online: "m**... may help prevent the common cold."

Hope so, I've got no tissues left

Our towns oldest paperboy died this morning at 92.

94 are wondering where their Daily Mail's got to.

Why can't you use the Daily Mail as toilet paper?

Because it's already covered in s**....

In India, they s**... on the streets

In UK, they s**... in the Daily Mail and Sun

A woman visits a monastery

She asks the head monk a few questions about improving her concentration in her daily life, but the monk says the answer is too long. He offers to e-mail her later, which leads her to ask, "Are monks allowed to use e-mail?" to which the monk replies, "Sure, as long as they don't have any attachments."

I downloaded this new app. It's great, it tells you what to wear, what to eat, what's unhealthy and if you've put on weight.

It's called the Daily Mail

Did you hear they're going to print the Daily Mail on A1 sheets?

It's pretty big news.

What do you call a dragon who writes for the Daily Mail?

A why-oh-wyvern.

Did you hear what toothpaste brands are trying to cover up?

Well, it's quite the scandal. Various tabloids such as the New York Post and Daily Mail are coining it as Colgate.

One day Daily Mail has a article with title: "One in four cannot read.

The next day one another newspaper writes: "Nice to see a newspaper finally acknowledging their audience."

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