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  1. I just finished watching a m**... biopic on Netflix and some of those cops were really, really dumb. The serial killer was d**... though.
  2. Ted Bundy and Jeffery d**... have dinner together Ted: hey Jeff you got any ice cream in the freezer?
    Jeffrey: nah, only Ben and j**...
  3. Did you know Jeffrey d**... was a time traveler? He was eating Five Guys before it was a thing.
  4. There was a serial killer who killed more people than Jeffrey d**... and never got caught His name was Jeffrey Smahter
  5. Cannibal's absolution A Priest says that he got d**... to believe in God before he died. When asked if this would get d**... into Heaven, the Priest said No, but it was fun to make him think so
  6. Jeffrey d**...'s mother was over for a visit having dinner. She says you know Jeffrey, I really don't like your friends.
    He just shrugs & says well just eat the vegetables then.
  7. Jeff d**... was a pretty normal guy He was having a friend for dinner when he was arrested.
  8. The CDC said to refrain from hand shakes. Jeffrey d**... immediately bummed as he turns off the blender
  9. I'm dating myself with this one What did Jeffrey d**... say to Lorena Bobbitt?
    You're not going to just throw that away are you?
  10. Did you hear Jeffrey d**... had dandruff? They found some head and shoulders in his bathtub

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Dahmer joke, Did you hear Jeffrey d**... had dandruff?

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Dahmer One Liners

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  1. Did you hear what they found in Jeffrey d**...'s freezer? Ben and j**...
  2. Who eats Five Guys for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Jeffrey d**...
  3. If you are what you eat then... ...Jeffery d**... is a perfectly normal person
  4. What do Jeffrey d**... and Travis Scott have in common? Ate dead people.
  5. Jeffrey d**... was eating five guys Before it was a restaurant.
  6. What did Jeffrey d**... sing as he went to the refrigerator? My bologna had a first name.
  7. What comes after death? Jeffrey d**...
  8. Did you know Jeffrey d**... was a closet s**...? He kept the butts behind the couch.
  9. How did Jeffrey d**... make alphabet soup? With 26 characters he met at a party.
  10. What does Jeffrey d**... eat for breakfast? Boys and Berries
  11. Jeffrey d**... once sent me a dinner invitation But the offer was a me steak.
  12. I had dinner with Jeffrey d**.... He cooked Stu
  13. Jeffrey d**... didn't like Tic Tacs or gum. He preferred men toes.
  14. How do you know if Jeffrey d**... smoked? They found butts behind his couch.
  15. Why was Jeffrey d**... so healthy? Because he ate five fruits a day!

Jeffrey Dahmer Jokes

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  • Why did Jeffrey d**... keep a blender on his front porch? So he could greet visitors with a handshake.
  • Jeffrey d**... and Armie Hammer are eating Ronald McDonald Armie asks, "does this taste funny to you?" Jeffrey responds, "I think it's ginger."
  • Jeffrey d**... and his mom are having dinner. Jeffey's mom looks over at him and says "Jeff I don't like your friends". Jeffery then replies "You can eat the potatoes".
  • What did Jeffrey d**... keep in his shower? Heads and Shoulders.
  • Ted Bundy asks Jeffrey d**... you got any ice cream in the freezer? Nah, just Ben and j**... Jeffrey replies.
  • Netflix tried to get the Jeffrey d**... tapes... ...but it was going to cost them an arm *and* a leg.
  • What did Jeffrey d**... say to Lorena Bobbitt? "Are you going to eat that?"
  • Why did Jeffrey d**... move to a larger apartment? He needed more leg room.
  • Why does Jeffrey d**... have a blender on his front porch? So when he gets visitors, he can greet them with a hand shake!
  • What did Jeffrey d**... have for his last meal? Five Guys

Jeffery Dahmer Jokes

Here is a list of funny jeffery dahmer jokes and even better jeffery dahmer puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • My friend told me my mustache makes me looks like Jeffery d**.... I said, "Thanks. I've always wanted a killer stache."
  • Jeffery d**... kept a journal, he wrote how he would take the noses of his victims and make pizzas with them. Dahmersnose Pizza.
  • Why did Jeffery d**... have a blender on his front porch? So he could greet you with a handshake.
  • What is Jeffery d**...'s favorite candy? Mentos.
  • Why didn't Jeffery d**... eat any Germans? They're just the wurst.
  • If you are what you eat Does that make Jeffery d**... a young man?
  • What did Jeffery d**... yell when he jumped in the pool? CANNIBAL!!!
  • What's Jeffery d**...'s favorite song? Head, shoulders, knees, and toes.
  • Jeffery d**... Did you know Jeffery d**... used to cut off his victims noses, put them on pizza and eat them?
    He called it d**...-nose pizza.
  • How did they discover that Jeffery d**... was a s**...? They found all the butts behind the couch.
Dahmer joke, How did they discover that Jeffery d**... was a s**...?

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What's the difference between Bill Cosby and Jeffrey d**...?

Jeremy Renner hasn't played Bill Cosby.

Why didn't Jeffrey d**... eat vegetables?

He didn't like getting rid of all the wheelchairs

Did you hear about the nhl official that was arrested as a serial killer?

His name was Referee d**....

The police just found a pizza topped with human noses in a serial killer's fridge.

It was a d**... nose pizza.

Did you know that Jeffrey d**... was a s**......

They found a pile of butts behind his couch.

You know one the main reasons Jeffrey d**... got caught was because his freezer stopped working and the smell became so bad the neighbors were complaining.

The cops came to his door and said "We heard you were keeping a bunch of spoiled brats in here"

What would you call a movie staring Jake Paul and a Psychopath?

Dumb and d**...

Man: Hey man, do you have icecream in the freezer?

Jeffrey d**...: Nah dude, only Ben and j**....

A beacon of true racial equality

"In this time of being divided by race we should be more like Jeffrey d**..., who only saw the color of people as a light pink center with a nice sear"

Jeffery d**... is in his kitchen, using his blender...

... when his phone goes off in his pocket. It was a notification from the CDC:
"The public is still advised to avoid direct contact from others through cordial gestures during this pandemic, such as hugs or ***handshakes.*** "
"Awwwwww..." Jeffery mopes, as he turns off his blender.

why did Jeffrey d**... never eat liver and onions?

He didn't like onions.

Dahmer joke, why did Jeffrey d**... never eat liver and onions?

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