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Zippity do dah

My grandfather was having a nice suit made at a tailor shop. The tailor asked him "Would you prefer a button fly or zipper?" He thought about it for a while and said" Buttons please, they are quieter in the movies."


What's wool's favourite meme?

Cashmere outside, how bow dah?


I was very confused the other dah

I was discussing religion with a man and he claimed to be a "moose limb". Must be some kinda canadian thing I guess.


I've been working on a symphony inspired by the song 'Camptown Races'

It's called 'Ode To Doo Dah Day'


If Syria had a Dr. Phil show, do you think the unruly teen girl would say

Gas me Assad how bow dah?


What's a stoner's favorite Mexican food?

Carne A sah dah


Made up my own joke today! Comment what you think: What did the crab get on his report card?

I dont know, but it was Under dah C!


What dance did the Rastafarian teach Ash Ketchum?

Dah okey pokey mon.


Did you hear about the guy in Egypt that didn't think he was drowning?

He was in dah Nile.


What do cats say to dogs?

Cash meowt-side, howbow dah?


What is your favorite Led Zeppelin song to listen to and where?

Kashmir, outside

How bow dah


What does a Batman vibrator sound like?

Da Na Nah Na Na Na Dah Na Na BATteries low!


an optimist, a pessimist, and a nihilist live in a shared apartment.

dah- dum -- crash!


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