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How does Yoda spend his time.

He mostly just sits on his log, watching the Dagobah.

So a man walks into a donut shop on Dagobah...

And he sees a little green alien behind the counter. He asks for a hot donut.

The alien says, "Broken, our fryer is. Yesterday's donuts, I can sell you. Also, donut ingredients, we still have."

But the man is really craving a warm donut, so he asks, "Are you absolutely sure I can't get a freshly-made donut?"

"Only two options have you!" says the alien. "Dough or donut - there is no fry."

Star Wars joke I made up for my son to tell his friends at school...

Q: What kind of animal does Yoda raise?

A: Sheep

Q: Why does Yoda raise sheep?

A: Because Dagobah

Dagobah joke, Star Wars joke I made up for my son to tell his friends at school...

What does Yoda do for fun?

Anything that makes the Dagobah.

What do Jedi sheep sound like?


What sound do alien sheep from Star Wars make?


What is the best way to pass the time on Tatooine?

Watch the Dagobah

Dagobah joke, What is the best way to pass the time on Tatooine?

Why are all numbers on Dagobah afraid of 7?

Because 6, 7 8

How does Yoda spend his time?

He sits around watching the Dagobah.

"Keep busy, you should." Yoda said.

"Make your Dagobah faster, it will."

How long do I go without thinking about Yoda`s death?

*Not a Dagobah...*

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What do you call a rebel fighter who drowned on Dagobah?


What vocal art did the mountain climber from Dagobah practice?


Why does Yoda like having a lot of things to do?

It makes his Dagobah faster.

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