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  1. Julius Caesar: Brutus, that's a very nice dagger, is it new? Brutus: Thanks, and yes, they had a sale at Traitor Joe's.
  2. My 8yo daughter just hit me with this one What's the difference between my dad and a slice of pizza?
    A slice of pizza can't feed a family
    Sheeesh. Like a rainbow dagger to my cold dead heart.
  3. What did the dagger say to the sword? Dagger: Are you like me, just bigger?
    Sword: Sword of.
  4. The robot stabbing What's the robot equivalent of a poisoned dagger?

    A flash drive with a computer virus.
  5. We, the League of Assassins, shall now vote on where we leave our signature dagger stabbed in our victims. All in favor? Looks like the eyes have it.
  6. I was upset when some guy asked me to play swords in the restroom... ...because all I brought was my dagger.
  7. I told myself if I was unbreakable I would walk straight threw the dagger[AlanWalker Joke] needless to say my wife stabbed me shes taking a unbreakable life sentence
  8. My buddy asked me to play swords with him in the bathroom... ...but all I brought was my dagger.

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  1. My friend wants me to make him a glass dagger ... but I don't see the point.
  2. How did the dagger feel after he was done exercising? He was a little sword
  3. What do you call a frog spy. What do you call a frog spy? A croak and dagger agent!

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Look! Magic!

One day, an explorer was captured by native warriors and taken to their chieftain, a gigantic man with teeth filed to dagger-like points. Desperately, the explorer tried to think of a way to save him self. He pulled out his cigarette lighter, held it in front of the chief's face and lit it, exclaiming, "Look! Magic!"
The chief's eyes were huge in astonishment. "It certainly must be magic," he said. "I have never seen a lighter light on the first try!"

How to be Insulting in the Street: Walk along as if you have stepped in something unpleasant, by pretending to scrape your feet along the pavement, or rubbing your soles on any available patches of grass. Then look daggers at anyone walking a dog.

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