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A guy gets taken to his cell on his first day of prison...

...he meets his cellmate for the first time, a huge hulk of a man, who turns to him and says, 'We're gonna play a game, a game of mommies and daddies... Do you wanna be the mommy or the daddy?'

The new convict relunctantly replies, 'I guess I'll, ...I'll be the, ...the daddy?...'

The inmate smiles and says 'Fantastic! ...Now come over here and suck mommy's cock'.

What do the Egyptians and Kardashians have in common?

Their daddies became mummies

Her: What are those things you blow to make a wish?

Me: Sugar daddies?

What do toy trains and boobs have in common?

They're both made for kids but daddies get to play with em.

Ancient Egypt must have been super progressive

I mean, all their daddies ended up turning into mummies.

What is one thing that Egyptian kids do not realise?

That their Daddies will eventually become Mummies...

Make a wish !!

1st blonde: "What are those things you blow to make a wish ?"

2nd blonde: "Sugar Daddies."

Do you think whores love their mamas?

I mean, we all know how they feel about their daddies.

How do you know ancient Egyptians were black?

Because they never dig up daddies.

How do you make the hippie run out of money?

You hide daddies credit card under a bar of soap.

Why are Egyptian children so confused?

Because their daddies are mummies.

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