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Dave Grohl's kid: Dad, these cakes you made for the school fundraiser are great, but we're one short.


Dad walks into his daughter's room...

And catches her having s**....
Daughter: Oh my God! Dad I'm sorry!
Dad: Hi Sorry, I'm Dad.
Daughter: Dad, this isn't funny!
Dad: Of course honey, everyone knows this is Dave.

Little Johnny

Johnny : "My dad is bigger than your dad."
Dave : "Yeah? Who's told you that?"
Johnny : "Your mum."

I introduced my new girlfriend to my family last night...

"This is my dad Roger," I said, "And this is my twin brother Dave."
"Nice to meet you," she smiled. "Who's the oldest?"
I said, "My dad."

"Hey dad, what's a t**...?

I don't really know, but go ask your Aunt Dave.

An Australian joke

Dave returned to Snake Gully after a brief trip to Europe. Dad said, 'Reckon you saw a lot of mighty fine things in that Europe.'
'Sure did, Dad. Cathedrals, palaces, mansions. But what impressed me most were the dunnies. They sure have got terrific dunnies. And they all flush.'
'Well, son,' said Dad, 'reckon you ought to build yourself one of those posh dunnies. But you'll have to get rid of the old s**... first."
'Nothing to it, Dad.' Dave took out a hand grenade that he happened to have on him, pulled out the pin and threw it at the s**....
Dad's a slow thinker and a slow mover. After a while he said, 'I don't reckon you should have done that, son.'
Out of the debris staggered Mum. She lurched up to Dad and said, 'Reckon it must have been something i ate.'

Dad and Dave were out plowing the fields one day when they took a break.

Dad says, "How come you left a patch over yonder there Dave?"
Dave replies, "Well dad, that there is sacred ground coz thats where I had my first one."
"Oh, your first one hey Dave?Ok. What about that other patch over yonder? Is that where you had your second one?"
"No", says Dave, "Thats where her momma was when I had my first one"
"Her Momma!? Jeez Dave, what did her momma say to that?"
Dave says, "Nothin much Dad, she just sorta stood there and went MOOOOOOO"

Bill's mom and dad want to have their own private time...

Bill's mom and dad want to have s**... but their son is always around.They come up with an idea and ask Bill to go to balcony and report everything happening in the neighborhood.
They start to have s**... while Bill reports.
"Miss Humphrey is going to office."
"Daniel is working at his garden."
"and umm..Mr.Bob is painting his window."
"Dave's mom and dad are having s**...."
Bill's mom and dad stop right away and his dad asks from the bedroom,"How do you know that?"
Bill says,"Dave is on the balcony."

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