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A Mississippi Girl is flying on an airplane for the first time when...

...a smartly-dressed older woman sits down and arranges herself in the seat next to the girl.

"So, where y'all from?" the girl asks cheerfully.

The woman slowly takes out a handkerchief, dabs at her forehead and the corners of her mouth, and clears her throat before answering...

"Well... **I'M** from a place where we don't end our sentences with prepositions...!"

The girl slips a peanut into her mouth and nibbles on it awhile, contemplating...
Finally, she tries again...

"So, where y'all from... BITCH."


How do you tell a blind man in a nudist colony?

It's not hard.

*Ba dum tssss*



Thor finally got used to the 2010's

Yoooo, Thor duuuuuuude. Who's funeral is this?
Thor: Lo Key, it Loki's *thor furiously dabs to hide his tears*


Did you guys hear about the group of people working at google who ended up not only getting a sex change but came into work tardy?

They were _google translate_



My friend just said this...

"I know I've reached my ultimate form when all I do is hit dabs in my bathroom and watch Naruto."


jake paul is like hitler

They both forced their people to do dabs in their name.


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