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  1. I've just started a new business selling trampoline in Prague Getting a lot of orders, but the Czechs keep bouncing.
  2. I have a Slovakian friend who's a sound technician. Oh, and a Czech one too. Czech one too. Czech one too.
  3. I've very recently started a company selling trampolines in Prague… My first Czech bounced.
  4. I have an Eastern European friend who fixes my language mistakes... My personal spell Czech.
  5. Have you heard about the curator of the Slavic History exhibit? He's forever Russian around, Czeching that everything gets Polished
  6. I'm friends with a Chess grandmaster from Prague, but I can't pronounce his name Is it OK if I just call him a Czech mate?
  7. What do you call your friend from Prague who beat you at chess? Your Czech mate
  8. A local museum today received a substantial donation of French Impressionist and Eastern European artwork. They're gettin' Monet for nothing and Czechs for free.
  9. What do you called a verified country? A Czeched Republic
  10. Did you hear about the guy from Prague wearing armor? The Czech's in the mail.

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  1. I have a russian friend who's a sound technician And a Czech one too.
    A Czech one too.
  2. I'm starting a new dating service in Prague. It's called Czech-Mate.
  3. I have a polish friend who is an audio engineer and a Czech one too. Czech one too.
  4. I have a Russian friend who's a sound technician ... I have a Czech one, too.
  5. I married a European chess master. He's my Czech mate.
  6. What do you call a country that doesn't use credit cards? A Czech Republic
  7. I've never been good at chess. Unlike my Czech mate.
  8. What country does not accept cash or credit cards? The Czech Republic
  9. I have a Polish friend who is a sound engineer ... ... and a Czech one too.
  10. I played chess with my friend from Central Europe. Czech mate.
  11. Two cannibals walked into a restaurant in Prague They asked for separate Czechs.
  12. Guess what two cannibals did for dinner in Prague? They split the Czech!
  13. Made an Eastern European friend on a chess forum. He was my Czech mate.
  14. My band used to have a Polish sound guy. And we also had a Czech one, too.
  15. I'm thinking about starting a dating service in Prague I shall call it "Czech-Mate"

Czechs joke, I'm thinking about starting a dating service in Prague

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In today's European Championship soccer match, several players from the Czech Republic were seen slipping on the grass repeatedly in their loss to Denmark, while their Danish opponents didn't seem to have an issue at all.

Must be an issue with Czechs and balances.

While in Prague I drove by the maximum security prison. It made me feel uneasy...

I never like passing bad Czechs.

Did you hear about the guy who was caught hiding i**... immigrants in Prague?

He got prison for caching false Czechs.

Why do slovaks don't like Czechs?

They prefer cash.

I'm going to travel to Prague

Once there, I will enter a bank, and cover the floor with trampolines.
They'll have to deal with a bunch of bouncing Czechs.

A friend of mine opened a trampoline business in Prague.

I asked him how sales were and said "Well, the Czechs keep bouncing."

When I manage a troupe of Eastern European acrobats...

they're going to be called "Czechs and Balances", it's the only logical choice.

Why did Slovakia move to digital banking?

because they ran out of Czechs

A grandma asks her grandson if he'd like to go shopping with her.

The grandson responds "Not now, Grandma, I'm watching a soccer game!"
"Oh, really? Who's playing?"
"Czechs on Slovakia!"
"Against who?"

What happened when the Prague Bungee Jumping team couldn't afford proper equipment?

Their Czechs bounced.

Congrats to the National Gallery on receiving a substantial donation of French Impressionist and Eastern European artwork.

Which is to say ... they're getting Monet for nothing and the Czechs for free.

Why did the Founding Fathers hire accountants from Prague?

They needed a system of Czechs and balances.

What did the Czechs use to heat their home before Communism?


So one time i joined a Slovakian circus...

I got in with the tightrope walkers. The coach had designed this elaborate, rigorous training program. It was a whole system of Czechs and balances.

Czechs joke, So one time i joined a Slovakian circus...

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