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The Best Czechoslovakia Puns

What do you call a abortion in Czechoslovakia?

A cancelled check.

What would Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia be called if it was done by Gen Z's?

Vibe Czech

So I hear that the Euro is destabilizing and deflating...

...if its value decreases any more, Europe might have to switch back to their old international currency, Czechoslovakia.

A Czechoslovakian and a Russian go bear hunting.

When they hadn't returned for several days, a search party was dispatched.

The search party followed the two men's tracks until they stopped at two dead brown bears, a male and a female.

They cut open the female, and sure enough, there was the Russian.

They didn't bother with the second bear, because they just assumed the Czech was in the male.

What do you call a friend from Czechoslovakia?


Why do Czechoslovakian kids do well in math?

They double Czech everything!

Before you wreckyourselfvakia


So germany said they won't invade Czechoslovakia, they still invaded it.

You can say Deutschlandlied

What famous European city is in the middle of Czechoslovakia?


Never confuse Czechoslovakia and Russia

The two are Poles apart!

Where did Hitler keep his armies?

In Poland, France, and Czechoslovakia.

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