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The Best Czechmate Puns

What do you call a friend from Czechoslovakia?


How does an Australian call his friend from the Czech Republic?


Poland and its neighboring country were playing chess

The neighboring country won with a Czechmate

What does a British guy say when he beats an Eastern European at chess?


A Slovak beats his Czech friend at a game of chess.


What do you call a Slavic spouse?


A guy beat his eastern european friend at chess.

He got a czech-mate

What happens when an austrailian moves to the soviet union?

A Czechmate

If God doesn't exist...

...then why has anyone fur-fetched the boo-boo skates despite even use bowls glow? Czechmate atheists!

What did the Australian say to the Czech while playing chess?


What did the chess player say to the other chess player after cornering him at the end of the match?


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