Cyclops Jokes

What are some Cyclops jokes?

Why did the cyclops quit teaching?

He had only one pupil.

A cyclops and his wife looking for their prefect holiday destination

Cyclobs: How do you spell Hawaii?

Wife: Well... You need two i's...

Cyclobs (putting the pen down): My life is just a joke to you isn't it, Linda?

A cyclops was doing a crossword puzzle and asked his wife, "Hun, how do you spell Hawaii?"

Biting her lip, she replied, "I think you need 2 'i's."

why did the cyclops close his school

because he only had one pupil

Why was the Cyclops a terrible teacher?

He only had one pupil.

Polyphemus the cyclops learns his assaulter's name and yells to Poseidon to strike him down Poseidon asks why?

"He's O-dissing-us"

A friend told me this one...

Why did the cyclops close his school?

Because he only had one pupil!

The joke is that I have no friends

Which way does a cyclops wing their eyeliner?

It doesn't matter because Nobody will judge them anyway!

Why doesn't Nick Fury have a super-hero name?

Because "cyclops" was already taken.

What do you call a teacher with just one pupil?

A cyclops

Why did the navy refuse to have a cyclops for a general?

They wouldn't be able to say " eye-eye sir"

What did the Australian say to the cyclops?

Good eye mate.

How does a cyclops blink?

With his eyelid dumbass.

What did the cyclops say to the sheep?

"Ewe and eye make a great team."

What do you call a mexican cyclops?

Juan Eye.

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