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The Best Cyclepath Puns

Two lumps of concrete walk into a busy bar...

They see some chairs next to a lump of tarmac, and the one goes over to sit when the other grabs him saying:

"Dude, don't sit next to him.. he's a cycle-path"

What do you call a serial killer that rides a bike?

A Cyclepath

A bit of red tarmac and a bit of black tarmac were sitting quietly in the pub having a pint, when this bit of green tarmac walks in, beats the living daylights out of the red bit of tarmac and then storms off again...

The barman says to the bit of black tarmac, What the heck was all that about?

The bit of black tarmac replies, You have to be careful not to upset that one. He's a bit of a cyclepath."

Did you hear about the CRAZY paved trail?...

It's a "Cycle-Path"

Who is a psychopath's worst enemy?

A cyclepath.

What do you call a crazy cyclist?

A Cyclepath

Two pieces of asphalt are at a bar

A piece of red asphalt walks in. One says to the other "watch out for him, he used to be a cyclepath".

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