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There was a catastrophic cyber attack recently...

The government is still looking for the hacker. They think he ran some ware.

I'm thwarting a global cyber attack using Binary

I guess you could say I'm defending the world, One Zero at a time...

What's a TV show hacker's favorite kind of cyber attack?

A DDOL - Direct Denial of Logic

Topical Jokes for 1/6

A report shows that North Korea has 6,000 cyber attack specialists. In fairness, North Korea's definition of cyber attack specialist is anyone who's ever watched The Matrix.
...these cyber attack specialists can access any computer on the planet, and leave the message Please. Help me get out of North Korea.
In Mexico, a vicious drug cartel forced some members to eat human hearts. Ex-members of the cartel who were forced to eat hearts have formed a class action, and are suing the cartel for 100 million kilos of c**....
In Florida, a man brought a five-month-old baby to an attempted burglary. The man has been offered a reduced sentence, if he agrees to testify against the baby.

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