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  1. When I was 5 I cried when I saw my mom cut up onions in the kitchen I miss onions. She was a really nice cat.
  2. As a child,I always cried when my dad was cutting onions in the kitchen Onions was a good dog :(
  3. When I was a kid... ... our family was very poor. I remember when my dad was cutting onion and our whole family was crying. Poor onion. He was such a good dog.
  4. What's the difference between an accordion and an onion? No one cries when you cut up an accordion
  5. The best time to cry is when you're cutting onions. Cuz everyone thinks it's just the onions.
  6. I remember the time when I was reminiscing my love life while cutting onion The onion cried
  7. What's the difference between a 5 lb bag of onions and some bagpipes? No one cries when you cut up the bagpipes.
  8. Once when I came back from school I saw my dad cutting onions, it made me cry a lot.... Onions was a good dog.
  9. I cried while cutting up an onion today... ...I think I was just reliving the time that onion molested me as a kid.
  10. I asked my girlfriend how I should cut the onions for her, her response, "Do them the way you think I would like them." And now I know what fear is.

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Cutting Onion One Liners

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  1. My dad was cutting up Onions and I started crying. Onions was a great dog.
  2. Whats the diff. between an onion and a bagpipe. Nobody cries when you cut up a bagpipe.
  3. People always cry when cutting onions. The trick is not to form an emotional bond.
  4. Whats the difference between onions and girls? I cry when I cut up onions.
  5. What is difference between my grandmother and onions? I cried when I cut up the onions.
  6. What's the difference between strippers and onions? I cry when I cut up onions
  7. I started crying when dad started cutting onions. Onions was such a good dog.
  8. Why did the man cry when he was cutting up onions? "Onions" was his dog...
  9. What do onions and people have in common? I weep uncontrollably when I cut them.
  10. You know whats sad? A depressed onion cutting itself.
  11. I can't cut an onion because it makes me cry. My grandma died cutting an onion.
  12. When Chuck Norris cuts onions, the onins cry.
  13. How is a baby like an onion? If you cut it into little pieces, it might make you cry.
  14. Families are like onions.... Watching them be cut into small pieces will make you cry.
  15. What did the chef say when he'd finished cutting his onions? That's shallot!

Cutting Onion Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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What's the difference between a h**... and an onion? You won't cry when you're cutting up the h**....

The trick that will stop you from crying every time you cut an onion-

Stop getting so d**... attached to onions.

I cut my thumb chopping onions... such a way as to make applying appropriate pressure difficult. I made my way to the ER. They weren't busy, so the doctor came over to dress my wound. I expressed frustration over my lack in first aid and the persistent crimson flow. In a matter-of-fact tone, he reassured me, "Don't worry; all of my patients stop bleeding eventually."

What´s the difference between George W. Bush and a Onion?

No one cries when you cut George Bush into half.

What's the difference between a saxophone and an onion?

You don't cry when you cut up a saxophone.
Happy Saxophone Day
Why this musical abomination deserves its own day is beyond me.

A depressed onion peeled itself to the end and when it found there was nothing inside it said...

"I should have cut myself when I had the chance."

What's the difference between Hillary Clinton and an onion?

I'd cry if I cut an onion in half.

I figured out the best way to not cry when cutting an onion.

Just don't form any sort of emotional bond with it.

I learned in Culinary School today the only way to cut Onions and not cry.....

You have to not become emotionally attached to the Onion.

I decided to call my newly adopted dog "Onions"

So I could have a reason for crying when I cut him up at the dinner table

What's the difference between a h**... and a onion?

I don't cry when i cut up a h**....

Recently a new supermarket opened nearby

It has an automatic water mist generator to keep the produce fresh.
Just before it starts the mist, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.
When you pass the milk section, you hear cows mooing and you get the scent of freshly cut hay.
In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks with onions.
When you approach the egg counter, you hear hens cluck and cackle, and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of eggs frying.
The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread and cookies.
I don't buy toilet paper there any more…

If you cry when you cut an onion, here's a tip:

**Don't get emotionally attached.**

What's the difference between a h**... and an onion?

Cutting up an onion makes me cry,
but h**... have more protein.

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