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The Best Cuttin Puns

I've been cutting corners my whole life...

But now I am a well-rounded person, so it worked out pretty well.

Cutting down personal expenses

The business man was worried about his personal finances after a few sloppy years and thought to himself that he'd better start cutting down on private expenses.
Therefore he turned to his wife and said:

"Honey, if you could learn to cook and clean, we wouldn't need our household services."

The wife replied: "Sure. And if you could learn to satisfy me, we wouldn't need the gardener either."

Cutting Pizza - A blonde Joke

A blonde went to buy a Pizza and after ordering, the assistant asked the blonde if she would like her pizza cut into six pieces or twelve.

"Six please" she said, "I could never eat twelve!"

i was cutting boards at work...

i was cutting boards at work, as i went to bring my saw down to do a cut a rabbit jumped right on the cutting table and got cut right in half, my boss ran over and said "you just chopped that rabbit in half" and i said "no i cut it in half" to which he responded "now you are just splitting hairs

I was cutting into an apple the other day and the knife broke as it reached the centre.

... that's pretty hard core.

Why does cutting the power to a house save it from being robbed?

It gets a black out

I was cutting up a homemade pizza and exclaimed "wow, this cheese is stringy"

My four year old daughter's reply

"Stringier than a yo-yo"

The most cutting things you can say about someone is, "who's this clown?"

Because it implies that they're a) a clown and b) not even one of the better known clowns.

I like cutting up broccoli because...

It makes me feel like a giant, wielding a tiny anime sword, cutting down tiny trees..

I was cutting up vegetables in the kitchen...

...and was promptly arrested

cutting wood is like making music

once you get in the groove, it gets easier

So I've been cutting fiber out of my diet recently...

It's kind of been a sticky shituation.

I keep cutting my finger by mistake a lot lately...

It Hz

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