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Al Gore is in the wrong line of work

Some people's names match their careers surprisingly well. Imagine a psychic named Krystal Ball or a stylist named Barbera Cutter.
But Al Gore is a failure in this regard. He had the perfect opportunity to start a math rock band in the 80s or 90s and just chose to not. It should have been fate.
I personally will never let it go that I'll never hear an album from the math rock legends the Al Gore Rhythms.

r/atheism is like a pizza cutter

All edge with no point

Last night I couldn't find the pizza cutter, so I used a Bryan Adam's CD.

It cuts like a knife.

The Flintstones

One day pebbles took a shower with Fred and Wilma. Her curiosity lead her to ask questions
Pebbles: Mama what's that between your legs?
Wilma: oh honey that's mommy's rock cutter.
Pebbles: Dada what's the between your legs?
Fred: oh sweetie that's my rock.
Pebbles: oh I get it, when daddy puts his rock into mommy's rock cutter out comes Pebbles!

Lost my pizza cutter. So I used my Bryan Adam's CD.

It cuts like a knife

What do you call an emo making a ginger bread house?

A cookie cutter

I lost my pizza cutter so I tried to use an old Rod Stewart CD instead.

It worked all right at first, but the plastic edge got dull right away. The first cut was the deepest.

I was making pizza for lunch when the pizza cutter broke...

So I picked up a Bryan Adams CD and it cut like a knife.
Joke courtesy of my old man.

What do you call an emo italian person?

A pizza cutter

The Pizza Cutter

A guy walks into a pizza place to pick up the pizza he ordered. The worker behind the counter says, "Would you like your pizza cut in eight slices or ten?" The man replies, "You better make it eight - I don't think I could eat all ten!"

Cutter joke, The Pizza Cutter

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Cutter joke, The Pizza Cutter

Cutter joke, The Pizza Cutter

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