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2 parrots

A woman tells her priest, Father, I have a problem. My two female parrots only say, 'Hi, cutie. Wanna have some fun?'
Don't worry, says the priest. I have two male parrots who only pray and read the Bible. We'll put them in the same cage—your parrots are sure to stop saying that horrid phrase.
The next day, the woman takes her parrots to the priest's home. The male parrots are inside their cage, holding rosary beads and praying. When the woman places the female parrots in the cage, they cry out, Hi, cutie. Wanna have some fun?
One male says to the other, Put the beads away, Frank. Our prayers have been answered!

Hey Cutie, you remind me of my little toe you know that?

Why? Because Im cute?

No Because Im gonna bang you on the coffee table later on tonight. ;)


A cougar had just finished purchasing groceries. The clerk asks if she would like any help out. The woman, seeing the bag boy was an attractive young man, she says she would. In the parking lot she sees her chance to make a move, and does:

Woman: (whispers) Hey cutie, I've got an itchipussy.

Bag boy: Look lady, all these Japanese cars look alike to me, you'll have to point it out.

I have been messaging some 14 year old cutie.

Last night she told me she was an undercover cop. How cool is that for such a young age!

Biology tell me you're 70% water. Physics tells me that you're 99.99% empty space. Chemistry tells me that you're 60% oxygen.

But I'm telling you that you're a 100% CUTIE!!!

What's Hitler's favorite band?

Death Camp for Cutie.

Hey cutie, are you the economy?

Because you're almost as crippling as my student loans and anxiety.

What does a cannibal call his girlfriend?

Cutie pie

The Pickup Line Awakens

Hey cutie, did Kylo Ren teach you the ways of the strong force cause I'd gluon to you.

I took a squirrel to a psychiatrist's today.

The poor cutie had gone nuts.

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