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A well endowed woman was swimming at the beach when she lost her bikini top.

The woman awkwardly covered her chest and ran back towards the shore.
A little boy saw the woman and said, "If you're going to drown those puppies, can I at least keep the one with the cute little pink nose?"

I love puppies and kittens and little cute hamsters

But not all together. I don't like my food touching.

Mommy, buy this puppy, please, buy it!

"Look at how cute the puppy is!"
"No Isaac, I will not buy any puppy"
"Please mother, buy the puppy, pleaaaase..."
"I said no! Isaac, sell the puppy to someone else!"

What do you call a puppy's cough?

A cute respiratory failure

Did yiu hear about the new controversial show on animal planet? It shows these fluffy, cute puppies and kittens after they're dead.

It's called awww-topsy.

One day there was a big lady swimming at the beach when she noticed that she had lost her top.

She thought that no one would notice if she covered herself with her arms and walked overto her towel.
Then a little girl came running up to her.
"If you're going to drown those puppies, at least let me have the one with the cute little pink nose."

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