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The Best Custer Puns

General Custer is addressing his men at the Little Bighorn. He says "well boys, I've got some good news and some bad news."

"The bad news is that the Sioux are camped right down the hill. Come morning they're going to overrun us. They'll ride roughshod over our whole company and leave us all killed, then probably mutilate our corpses beyond recognition when they're done."

His lieutenant asks, "what's the good news General?"

Custer says "Well, we won't have to ride through Nebraska again."

Whats the diffrence between General Custer and Jack Daniel's?

Jack Daniel's is still killing indians.

What did Custer say to his troops 140 years ago today?


Who's killed more natives than General Custer?

Jack Daniels

Known thy enemy Sun Tzu-The Art of War

What? -Colonel George Custer after the Battle of Little Bighorn.

what is the difference between captain Morgan and general Custer?

Captain Morgan is still killing Indians to this day

When the US Army couldn't Pass Muster

the Indians Cut Custer

General Custer to a Geordie soldier: "The Apaches are playing war drums!" Geordie soldier: "So they're thieving bastards as well as savages!"

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