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What happens when two pastries divorce?

They have a custardy battle

Clowns Divorce Joke

What's the roughest part of clown divorce?
The custardy battle.

Clowns divorce.

Custardy battle.

Custardy joke, Clowns divorce.

Where is bad dessert taken?

Into custard-y!

I dumped a bowl of trifle over my ex wife after we had an argument.

She took me to court over who should look after the kids after we divorced.

She got custard-y

Did you hear about the eclair that got arrested

They're still in custardy

I ate the last piece of flan that my wife and I have been fighting over

I won the custardy battle.

Custardy joke, I ate the last piece of flan that my wife and I have been fighting over

A woman divorced her husband after he emptied a bowl of trifle over her head.

She got custardy.

What do you call two stoners sharing a joint over dessert?

Joint custardy

What did the dessert do after filing for divorce?

She took custardy of the kids.

Was in court with the ex wife over who'd get the kids in the divorce, she told the judge about the time I flew into a rage a threw an enitre trifle at her

So of course she got custardy.

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When Kraft divorced from Bird's, eventually selling them off to Premier Foods - I wonder if there was a custardy battle?

After many years together, Bird's and I finally separated

tbh I'm actually looking forward to the custardy battle.

Some nutmeg robbed a store

He was put into custardy

As interesting as the story of King Solomon and the baby was, nobody ever remembers the time a couple appeared before him disputing the ownership of an egg tart.

He awarded them shared custardy.

Why do pastry chefs have the messiest divorces?

Because they always end up in custardy battles.

Custardy joke, Why do pastry chefs have the messiest divorces?

What happened to the thick yellow liquid that committed a crime?

It was taken into custardy.

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