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Best Short Custard Jokes

Short custard jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The custard humour may include short pudding jokes also.

  1. I've started calling my girlfriend names like Custard, Ice cream, Pudding, Chocolate cake, or Apple pie. I'm planning to desert her.
  2. I dumped a bowl of trifle over my ex wife after we had an argument. She took me to court over who should look after the kids after we divorced.
    She got custard-y
  3. My Dad is always complaining about how much things cost "£1.50 for a cup of tea" he said
    "£2.50 for 3 custard creams" he moaned
    I said "Look dad you just popped round, I didn't invite you!"
  4. A guy goes to a fancy dress party A guy goes to a fancy dress party with a mouth full of custard. When asked what he came as, he pushed both sides of his cheeks in and then said,
    ''A ZIT''
  5. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick... Jack got killed with a candlestick, in the kitchen by Colonel Custard. GG no Re.
  6. Do you know why the battleground of Custard's Last Stand is still white even to this day? Because the Indians kept coming and coming and coming...
  7. I saw a man shovelling horse p**... off the road, into a bag So I stopped and asked him why
    He told me he was taking it home, to put on his rhubarb
    Fair enough, but I prefer custard
  8. His homebuilt e-cigarette vapor mod with banana custard glycerine is so s**...... Said no girl ever

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Custard joke, His homebuilt e-cigarette vapor mod with banana custard glycerine is so s**......

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Custard One Liners

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  1. I asked an Indian if he likes custard He said, "not in general."
  2. I went to a market that only sold jelly and custard… It was a trifle bazaar.
  3. Where is bad dessert taken? Into custard-y!
  4. What do you call a massacre in a pie shop? Custard's last stand
  5. What do you call a custard when it goes bad? Off-pudding.
  6. The custard I ate was past it's expiry date... It was off-pudding
  7. What does the mum custard have over the baby custard? Custody.
    (From a 12 year old).
  8. You know what they say about custard... It's a little off pudding.
  9. What do you call a swearing autistic child, that has a sweet tooth. A CusTard
  10. What do you call a street vendor pastry chef going out of business? Custards last stand
  11. Whats yellow and dangerous? Shark infested custard
  12. Running a custard factory has its challenges You really go through thick and thin.
  13. I just saw someone eat 12 dozen custard donuts It looked like a g**... meal
  14. The moment I start enjoying Mexican custard dessert dishes.. Start flanning my f**....
  15. I'd tell you the one about the shark infested custard but... You'd never s**... it.

Custard joke, I'd tell you the one about the shark infested custard but...

Comical Custard Jokes and Gems that Will Get You in Laughter Land

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Why did the elephant paint the bottom of its feet yellow?

So it could hide in a bowl of custard.
Have you ever seen an elephant in a bowl of custard? No?
That means it's working, the crafty b**....


Why do elephants paint their toenails red?
...So they can hide in strawberry patches.
Why do elephants paint the soles of their feet yellow?
...So they can hide upside down in a bowl of custard.
Have you ever seen an elephant hiding upside down in a bowl of custard?
How about in a strawberry patch?
See, it works!

Custard joke, The moment I start enjoying Mexican custard dessert dishes..

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