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The Best Curvy Puns

She told me she was curvy

What she didn't tell me was that she had scoliosis

I like my woman like I like my shoelaces.

Curvy, loose, and easy to finger.

A curvy blonde walks into a drugstore

She asks the clerk, "Can you show me where the flashlight batteries are?".

The clerk says, "Sure." and wiggled his fingers at her in a come-hither gesture. "Come this way", he continued.

She replied "If I could come that way, I wouldn't need the flashlight batteries."

I like my women how I like my exams...


A study has revealed that curvy hips indicate smart women who deliver intelligent children.

So that's what my son's been looking for on PornHub, a smart woman.

Old Man Crying

An elderly man of 78 years was sitting on a bench crying

A man walking by stopped to ask what was wrong.

"Well, I just married the most beautiful woman ever, Nice, young, and curvy in all the right places!" Said the old man.

"Then why cry?" asked the passer by

The old man sighed, "I forgot where I live"

I can't find this joke.

No, that was not a setup for a joke, I can't remember the original joke that goes something like
"I'm as straight as an uncooked noodle."
"Well even noodles get curvy when things get steamy," or whatever.
I can't find it and I'm frustrated.
Please help. If anybody finds it I'll reply a joke to them.

she told me her body is curvy

when she goes swiming she looks like an island on google maps

I like my TVs like I like my women


I like my tests like I like it my women:


What do you call a hot, curvy girl?


What's the pirate's favorite body part?

His booty!

What's his second favorite part?

His pirate's chest!

And his third?

His arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm!

What's his least favorite part?

His curvy knee.

I like my women like I like my old timey tobacco pipes

Curvy and remind me of grandpa.

While reading a novel...

The Ex-Wife of protagonist enters.

Me:"The plot thickens."

The Curvy Ex-Wife of protagonist enters.

Me:"The plot thiccens."

I saw a guy cut a curvy path through a corn field...

It was a-ma(i)zing.

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