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The Best Cursive Puns

A woman is at a café orders the soup de jour, which happens to be alphabet soup that day. But when it arrives it just has ordinary noodles...

She says to the waiter, "Hey, I thought this was supposed to be alphabet soup."

The waiter replies, "It's in *cursive* ma'am."

A student who never showed up to class or did the reading asked me to curve his final paper grade. I said yes.

I took a red pen, scratched out the grade on the paper, then rewrote the F in cursive.

Being left handed I was always told I was more creative but all I noticed was that I smudge the words when writing with pencil.

I guess it's a blessing and a cursive

American School System

5th grade: You better learn cursive, because in middle school; all your work will be done in cursive!
6th grade: Just write print it's easier to read
Highschool: You better learn these core classes because they'll be required to know before college!
College: You have to retake and pay for these Core Classes for your Degree

The school board is discontinuing the teaching of cursive writing and Roman numerals.

I'M €%¥[email protected]# LIVID! (but not anymore).

My fourth grade teacher told me I would use cursive at least once a week, but she was wrong.

I use it every day when food is delivered to my house.

I'm not drunk officer..

I'm just talking in cursive.

What do the French and the south have in common?

They both \~\~talk in cursive\~\~ pronounce flower the same way


Don't do calligraphy when you're angry, what you write will end up being very cursive. 😉

What is the most evil writing style?


Guy in bar, telling me his whole life story, stops when I ask if he's drunk...

He squints one eye and says, "I'm not drunk, I'm speaking in cursive"

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