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  1. Why should oceanographers be the Ones that report the news? They're always on top of current events!
  2. Why doesn't Dwayne Johnson's downstairs neighbor understand references to current events? He's been living under The Rock.
  3. A hermit in the middle east has not heard about any current events. I guess you could say he lives under Iraq.
  4. What do you call a lycanthrope who stays informed about politics & current events? An Awarewolf
  5. Something light in light of Hurricane Florence Q: What do corals get stressed about?
    A: Current events
  6. My local fisherman keeps trying to lecture me about how the litter from single-use plastics flows downstream into spawning grounds. I see he's up-to-date with current events.
  7. A group of people gather in the Caribbean just so they can discuss current events... It's like they're on a Topical Island
  8. Why aren't tsunamis and tidal waves always in the news... ...since they're both current events...
  9. Want to hear a joke related to current events? I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to the CIA.
  10. Considering current events like the airlines and stuff... I kinda feel like Trump United the states after all.

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  1. What's the ocean's favorite news segment? Current events.
  2. The problem majoring in electrical engineering... is keeping up with Current Events.
  3. What do you call news about a body of water? Current events
  4. What is an electricians favorite type of news Current events
  5. Why do fish gets stressed ? Current events
  6. What do you call a jungle where animals talk about current events? A topical rainforest.
  7. What do fish talk about at work? Current events
  8. What do coral get stressed about? Current events
  9. If corals get stressed they die. What do corals even get stressed about?
    Current events.
  10. Why do sea creatures read the news? To keep up with current events!
  11. Why did the electrician become a news anchor? He's always had a knack for current events.
  12. Why are Saudis so behind on current events? Because they live under Iraq.
  13. What news does an underwater welder pay the most attention to? Current events.
  14. What is a fish's favorite topic of conversation? Current events.
  15. What is the vegetable you can learn the most from about current events from? A Newspepper

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Ooh! Ooh! I have a current events joke!

Go easy on me im drunk.
When I heard that the A/C had gone out at the AT&T Center in San Antonio tonight for the NBA finals, I thought to myself... I guess this favors the Heat.

Three of a kind

Coral turns white when it gets stressed. What could coral be stressed about you ask? Current events.
Eletrical engineers make mistakes when they get stressed. What could an eletrical engineer be stressed about you ask? Current events.
Berry farmers are seeing a drop in productivity due to stress. What could Berry farmers be stressed about you ask? Currant events.

What do you call a weather report about thunderstorms?

Current events

What do you call a Saudi who doesn't care about current events?

Living under Iraq.

Did you hear the "current events" joke by that Hawaiian comic? was very tropical.

Did you hear about the new Comedy Central show?

a polar bear offers his commentary about current events. Its called the Cold Bear Report!

"You look so cute reading the news paper!"

It's taken me three years and countless hours, but attracting male attention by staying updated on current events is finally working.

Fox News gave an unbiased report on current events.

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