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A blonde goes into a library.

She walks up to the head librarian's desk and says, "Hi! I'd like a cheeseburger, a small order of curly fries, and a medium-sized Coke, please."

The librarian stares at her. "Miss, do you realize that this is a library?"

"Oh!" says the blonde. She lowers her voice to a whisper. "*I'd like a cheeseburger, a small order of curly fries...*"

A couple has 4 sons

The first three were tall with straight brown hair and brown eyes, but their youngest son was short with curly blond hair and blue eyes. When the husband was on his deathbed, he called his wife over and asked, "Is that 4th son mine?"
His wife said, "I swear, on all things holy, that child is yours."
The husband died a few moments later. She said to herself, "Thank God he didn't ask about the other three."

Why are pubic hairs curly?

Because, if they were straight, you would poke your eye out.

Curly joke, Why are pubic hairs curly?

Photo Album

A young boy was looking through
the family album and asked his
mother, "Is this you on the beach?

Mother says "Yes, it is"

Son asks "Who's this guy with you with all the

muscles and curly hair?"

"That's your father."

"Then who's that old bald-headed
fat man who lives with us now?"

I had a heated discussion with an art historian yesterday

We disagreed on whether I ordered curly fries or mozzarella sticks with my burger

What is 8ft tall,lives in the woods and has a curly tail...


My 7 year old told me this and thought I would share

Why did God make pubes curly?

To reduce the risk of eye injuries

Curly joke, Why did God make pubes curly?

A young boy was looking through some old family fotos...

...and asked his mother, "Who is the guy on the beach with you with all the muscles and curly hair?"

"That's your father."

"Then who's that man who lives with us now?"

Curly hairs

I was a local sports bar trivia quiz the other night, I lost by one point.
The question was, where do women mostly have curly hair?
Apparently, it's Africa .

Did you hear about the guy who had a problem with his curly hair?

He decided to finally straighten things out

Sweetheart, you remind me the sea.

>Why? is it because of my beautiful blue eyes reminding you the ocean's water?


>I know, it's because of my curly hair, reminds you the waves.

Not really.

>So it's my perfume? reminds you that fresh air near the beach?


>So what is it then?

You make me sick.

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Why is pubic hair curly?

So it doesn't poke your eyes.

What's the difference between a penalty shot in basketball, and a tiny curly wig designed for a bug?

One is a free throw, and the other is a flea 'fro.

Why did God make pubic hair curly?

So we don't poke our eyes out.

My boss just told me that I'm doing the work of three men...

Moe, Larry and Curly

Why did Larry and Curly apply for security clearance?

Because they were going to Gitmo

Curly joke, Why did Larry and Curly apply for security clearance?

Where do men have the most curly hair?

In Africa

A woman reports her husband's disappearance to the police . . .

They ask her for a description and she says "He's six feet, three inches tall, well-built, with thick, curly hair."

Her friend says, "What are you talking about? Your husband is five-foot-four, bald and overweight."

And she says "Who wants that one back?"

The Tree Stooges: Moehogany, Cherry, and Curly Maple

Alternate for Larry: Larchy

Where do women have short curly black hair?


I told my friend that his curly brown hair closely resembles wool.

He looked sheepish.

At which place do mostly all men and women have curly hair?

Namibia... but i like the way you think ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

What's the difference between curly fries and haters?

There is no difference. They're both not straight.

What's Pink, has a big appetite, and squeaks

Kirby. You were expecting a pig, but I didn't mention a snout , ears, or a curly pink tail.

Where do women have short black curly hair?


Where do women have tight black curly hair?


Indian guy complains

I have lived 20 years in America but I still don't understand this:

I have a friend who is almost 2 meters tall - and they call him "Shorty".

Then I have a friend who has no hair at all - and they call him "Curly".

Me, I have never been with a woman - and they call me the 'Fucking Indian'

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