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Why did man invent curling?

To convince women sweeping was a sport.

My favorite winter Olympic sport is women's curling...

Because it's the one time every four years I can yell, sweep harder at a woman, and no one thinks it's because I'm a sexist pig.

The only sport a womens team can beat a mens team in, is curling.

They have a huge advantage when it comes to sweeping.

A dying Scottish man is meeting his lawyer at a local tavern to talk about his will.

After a few rounds of whiskey, the Scot admits that he doesn't want to leave his hard-earned fortune to his good-for-nothing, lazy son. But he feels like he had no other choice. He has no other family and no friends.
The lawyer says he could write a clause that would force the son to do something before getting his inheritance, like take up a sport, go back to school or get a job.
Would this really work? asks the Scot.
You bet, replies the lawyer as he downs a shot of whiskey. It'll be strong enough to make your heir curl.

I just saw a guy bicep curling.

It's the weirdest ice sport I've ever seen.

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