Curling Jokes

What are some Curling jokes?

How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in the frying pan?

You take away their brooms.

Why did man invent curling?

To convince women sweeping was a sport.

My bacon kept curling in the frying pan

so I took away their little brooms and rocks.

How do you keep bacon from curling in the pan?

You take away its tiny brooms.

My favorite winter Olympic sport is women's curling...

Because it's the one time every four years I can yell, sweep harder at a woman, and no one thinks it's because I'm a sexist pig.

How do hair stylists get in shape?

Curling Iron.

TIL that curling used to be coed...

But the decision was made to segregate because the committee felt the female members had an unfair advantage, being naturally better sweepers.

How do you stop sausages from curling in the pan?

You take away their little brooms.

I was doing some curling in the gym when some guy looked at me funny.

I said, "What's up, punk?"

"Nothing," he replied, "I've just never seen a man using hair rollers before."

How Do You Keep Canadian Bacon From Curling

You take away their little brooms

Why does Jesus always go first when the disciples go Curling?

Because they let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

What's the difference between a duck and a curling iron?

A duck is a carbon-based life form while a curling iron is an inanimate appliance

Olympic curling seems like the kind of game...

Mr. Miyagi would have invented to trick Daniel into sweeping his floors.

I used to clap at people when I would get into arguments but then my black co worker told me that that's cultural appropriation

So I changed my name to Darnell and started curling my hair

The only sport a womens team can beat a mens team in, is curling.

They have a huge advantage when it comes to sweeping.

My wife and I love curling up in a fuzzy blanket and nuzzling up with our cat this time of year, when the air is cold and dry...

Really makes the sparks fly!

Did you hear that the Russian curling team was caught doping?

The IOC wouldn't let them slide.

The maple leafs are my favourite curling team

Always sliding down the ice bumping into the walls and never hitting the bullseye.

How long does it take to brew traditional Chinese tea produced through a process including withering the plant under strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting?


If you are having great toe curling sex...

Maybe you should let the wife up for a sec so she can take her nylons off.

"I'd like to welcome all the athletes to the Olympic Games"

"I'd also like to welcome the curling teams"

How do hairstylists workout?

Curling irons

Why did her toes keep curling and uncurling during sex?

He didn't give her time to take off her panty hose.

What do you call curling into a ball on the toilet

The fecal position

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