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What do you call a monkey who swings both ways?

Bi-curious George

What do you call a monkey who is confused about his sexuality?

Bi-Curious George

So I guess Curious George got fired...

...Yep, they caught him on an underage site called "Green Bananas".

What happens when Curious George Gets in the studio with Kanye West?

He spits monkey bars

There was once a monkey who wanted to play with bananas

His name was Bi-Curious George.

George meets a genie in the street, which tells him to make a wish and it will make it true.

"I want to pee whiskey," he says.
“But are you sure? You can ask for money, wealth, anything you want."
"No I want to pee whiskey."
The genie thinks what can it do, it makes his wish true.
George goes home, calls his wife, Sue: "Woman, get nuts and two glasses."
Curious she was, she brings them.
"What do you want them? She asks him. Once we don’t have any drinks."
From now on, we will both have as much whiskey as we want, says to her.
And really he fills the two glasses with whiskey.
They clink, drink one, drink two drinks, make some fun … and play a little game.
The other night the same happen.
"Woman, bring two glasses and nuts."
So they spend their evenings.
One night, however, the scene changed.
"Woman, bring nuts and a cup."
"A, for one?"
"You will drink from the bottle today."

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