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People say smoking will give you diseases.

What they don't know is that it cures salmon.

Everyone tells you that smoking will kill you

What they don't tell you is that it cures salmon

Smoking is a scientific wonder!

It kills people, but cures salmon.

Cures joke, Smoking is a scientific wonder!

If smoking is so bad for you

How come it cures salmon?

They say alcohol cures everything, but that's a lie...

It still hasn't cured my alcoholism.

There's a medicine you can buy that apparently cures scepticism.

But I'm not buying it.

I've heard people say that smoking will give me diseases

But what they don't know is it cures salmon!

Cures joke, I've heard people say that smoking will give me diseases

I heard there's this new pill that cures addiction.

Hmm, I wonder what two of them will do...

Trump just suggested that injecting sanitizers like bleach might have a cleansing effect on the body

I think medical research would agree that injecting bleach definitely cures stupidity.

After years of drinking, I can say that alcohol cures obesity and bad looks

Not in me, but in people I look at

Why did the man with bipolar go to the nail salon?

Because they offer manic cures

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With the far right prescribing UV and sunlight for medical cures

They have finally seen the benefits of solar power.

People say smoking will give you diseases

But how can they say that when it cures salmon!!

(Lol im a smoking chef and when i heard this joke I coughed my lungs like i have the rona. Had to post it )

"Doctor, I've listened to your advice, about getting my family involved in trying to help me recover."

He said, "Well, I've told you what the cures are. There are three. Two of them your children should have been able to aid you with, the third is sex."

"Yes," I said, "of that I am aware."

"So..." he began. "What does your son give you?"


"What does your daughter give you?"


"Then what does your wife give you?"

"A headache."

New marijuana research reveals that it cures...

Symptoms of motivation by up to 95%.

After extensive research FDA suggests smoking cures


Cures joke, After extensive research FDA suggests smoking cures

They say smoking causes cancer

But it cures salmon

What do you call an egg that cures cancer?

A keurig.

Joke written by my 9 year old son.

Scientists have uncovered the fact that there is a chemical compound that cures all diseases with a single dose.

It's called Cyanide.

Obesity cures wrinkles.

Everybody tells you that smoking causes disease

what they don't tell you is that it cures salmon

Medieval cures...

Were leeches on society

Everyone tells you that smoking causes disease

But do they tell you that it actually cures salmon?

I saw an ad for a pill that cures gayness ...

Oddly enough it was a suppository

What alcohol cures the hiccups?


I don't understand why people say smoking is bad.

It cures pork.

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