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Top 10 of the Funniest Curator Jokes and Puns

An artist talks to his curator about his recent sales

Artist: "So? Did I sell anything?"

Curator: "You won't believe this: a man came by and asked if the value of the paintings will rise after the artist's death. I told him that I think so. So he bought the entire gallery.

Artist: "Wow! That's great! who was he?"

Curator: "It was your doctor."

A guy is visiting a museum of natural history.

He's examining some fossils when he asks a curator how old they are.

"Those fossils are 65 million years and six months old." The curator says. The man asks the curator how he can know the age of the fossils so precisely.

"Because they were 65 million years old when I started here six months ago."

Have you heard about the curator of the Slavic History exhibit?

He's forever Russian around, Czeching that everything gets Polished

A man walks into a museum.

While wandering, he trips and breaks a vase.
He panicks and picks the pieces up.
But the curator appears and almost has a heart attack.
"What have you done! that vase was 2000 years old." He shrieks.
"Oh thank God." The man sighs in relief. " I thought it was brand new."

When the curator of The British Museum was asked how they felt about exotic & foreign art exhibitions, he replied...

We could take them or leave them

Why did the robot become a museum curator?

Because he was an Art-Offical Intelligence

The museum curator was able to identify the slutty violin... was a Straddlevarious :(

Theft at the cheese museum.

There was a theft at the cheese museum. The detectives searched everywhere but there was no evidence left to be had.
The curator was beside himself,
"Don't you have any idea who committed this atrocity!" He pleaded.
Then the youngest detective spoke up,
"Well I know exactly who it was."
Everyone stopped and stared, and as one they asked
The young detective replied,
"It's anonymouse"

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