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  1. Eating your family is wrong, but eating your wife isn't. This sounds wrong, but I'm no cunning linguist.
  2. If you have ever heard Trump's grammar while he speaks You'd know that he's no cunning linguist.
  3. The silver-tongued lover can always make a woman blush... ... because they're a practiced, cunning linguist.
  4. You hear about the new super hero that is also a politician? He can communicate in every language..
    He is..
    The Cunning Linguist
  5. What do you call a man that can blow a woman's mind with just his tongue? A cunning linguist
  6. My friend is a huge hit with the ladies, he is very well spoken. I this it's because he's a cunning linguist.
  7. Have you heard that the juridprodence fetisist got off on a technicallity? He was defending a case belonging to the estate of a New York Times Award Winning author, he really was a cunning linguist.
  8. I've only ever met one genius writer who could please a woman. He was a real cunning linguist.
  9. What do you call the UN translator who quit his job to pursue his dream of becoming a hot dog eating champion? A cunning linguist who became a professional masticator.
  10. I once met a man who could make great puns in 10 languages. I called him a cunning linguist.

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  1. Why should you date a guy who speaks multiple languages? Because he's a cunning linguist.
  2. You may be a master debater... But I'm a cunning linguist.
  3. What's the best way to get a Punjab in India? Hire a cunning linguist.
  4. What do you call someone who is skilled with their mouth? A cunning linguist.
  5. My girlfriend told me she's a cunning linguist I told her she was a cunning runt
  6. I formed a team of wordsmiths for our local trivia quiz We became the "Cunning Linguists"
  7. A lesbian learned multiple languages and became a lawyer. She's a Cunning Linguist!

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I took a girl home last night after telling her I was good with my mouth...

We stayed up all night chatting, she eventually stormed off and I'm not sure why, maybe she doesn't think I'm the cunning linguist I claimed after all?

I wasted my life

I fear I've wasted my life. I spent years and years learning Latin, Spanish, Mandarin, and Swahili but it turns out I just misheard my uncle when I though he told me "girls love a cunning linguist".

Sometimes you just need a cunning linguist to get a tiny pianist joke.

[[ Obligatory text]]

I love the study of languages, and am very keen in my analysis:

I am a cunning linguist ;)

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