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What did the spice say during climax?

I'm cumin! I'm cumin!

Why was Ginger the only real Spice Girl?

Because Cumin, Parsley, Basil and Garlic were rejected...

My wife told me I should spice things up in the bedroom.

So I decided to cumin her mouth.

Cumin joke, My wife told me I should spice things up in the bedroom.

What do you get if cross seasonings and movie title?

The Cumin Centipede!

What's a pornstar's favourite spice?


The wife and I were trying to spice things up in the bedroom...

so now I cumin her every thyme.

What spice is the most welcoming?


Cumin joke, What spice is the most welcoming?

Two spices are talking

One spice says "man it stinks like b.o. in here!"
Other spice says "come on man I'm only cumin"

Spicy Pickup Line

If I had a can of salt, I'd assault you.

But all I have is cumin.

What's a skydiver's favorite spice? Ground cumin!

As long as they aren't running out of thyme.

Why did the chef get fired?

He kept cumin in the food.

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What plant seed used in cooking is the most welcoming?


Did you hear about the hostage situation at the spice factory?

They used a cumin shield.

What did the forgetful basil say to the other spice as they were leaving the store?

Hurry up, are you cumin or not?

How did me and my sugar make our little rosemary?

When things got spicy, it ended with my cumin cider.

What's a condom's favorite spice?


Cumin joke, What's a condom's favorite spice?

What did the seed say while having sex?


What's the most inviting seasoning?


What did the spice jar say as he emptied into the dish?

Oh my god, I'm cumin!!!

My wife asked me to spice things up

So I told my girlfriend to Cumin.

Why couldn't the Chef get his wife pregnant?

He forgot to put the Cumin.

Geez this is the worst Spice of the Month Club ever

The year starts cumin and it don't stop cumin

What do you call 3/4 time signature in the language of food?

Cumin thyme.

My wife and I are really spicing it up this Valentine's Day

She's cumin onto me all the thyme

I relabeled all the jars in my mom's spice rack

I'm not in trouble yet but the thyme is cumin.

I relabeled all the spices in my mother's kitchen

She hasn't found out yet but the thyme is cumin

A wizard turned my cat into a pile of Indian spice!

Oh lawd, he cumin!

My roommate dissed my cooking and walked out of the kitchen.

So I threw a spice jar at the back of his head.
He never saw that cumin.

What do you hear when you knock on your spice cabinet door?


My girlfriend and I like to make containers for our herbs and spices

She didn't like my cumin herb box though.

I have been secretly messing with people's spice racks...

You might not know it, but your thyme is cumin.

Last week I was bored, so I decided to swap around the labels on my wifes spice rack. So far, she hasn't noticed.

Mark my words though, the thyme is cumin.

I changed the tags of my mother's herb jars. She hasn't notice it yet..

But the thyme is cumin

If you told me you have a great eye for spices...

...then I'd bet you saw this cumin from a mile away.

I switched all the labels on my wife spice rack. I'm not in trouble yet....

but the thyme is cumin.

What did Herb say when Rosemary knocked at the door?


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