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At my school, the cafeteria has "World Cuisine" day once a week, in which one foreign nation's traditional cuisine is on the menu. Last week, the country was Ethiopia...

...they served us nothing.

Have you heard about the tragedy of Canada?

The tragedy of Canada is that we could have had English culture, French cuisine, and American technology. Instead we have American culture, English cuisine, and French technology.

What is the premier dish in Israeli-Japanese cuisine?


Cuisine joke, What is the premier dish in Israeli-Japanese cuisine?

This is probably the worst joke that I -a dad - ever told. But it still made my daughter laugh.

My wife, teenage daughter and I are sitting in a restaurant discussing Italian cuisine.

Wife: There's nothing better than fresh gnocchi.

Me: There's nothing better than getting fresh and gnocching someone up.

Have you ever eaten Ethiopia cuisine?

Neither have they

Have you ever eaten Ethiopian cuisine?

No? Neither have they.

Canada could have had the best of three worlds.

They could have had American technology, French cuisine, and British culture.

Instead they have French technology, British cuisine, and American culture.

Cuisine joke, Canada could have had the best of three worlds.

What do you call a chef skilled in Asian Cuisine?

A Wok-et scientist

Ethiopian Cuisine...

is a bit bland. It tastes like nothing.

I really like ethnic foods, but the one type of asian cuisine I haven't had is North Korean food.

Then again, neither have citizens of North Korea.

What's the healthiest cuisine?

Vitaminese food.

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Unites Airlines newest in-flight cuisine

Chinese Takeout

What do classy horses eat?

Oat cuisine

I like both kinds of british cuisine...

fish AND chips.

Do you know the traditional Ethiopian cuisine ?

Don't worry, they don't either

What's the first step to preparing American cuisine?

Remove packaging and pierce film

Cuisine joke, What's the first step to preparing American cuisine?

A chef lost one of his legs in a kitchen accident...

... now all he cooks is Lean Cuisine.

Did you hear about the chef arrested for tax evasion?

His mis-spelled nouvelle cuisine and got caught cooking the books.

What is the proper term for a lover of East Indian cuisine who doesn't deviate from the norm?

A naan conformist.

I studied human thought and cuisine in the Middle East.

I earned my bachelor's in Falafelsophy.

One for those learning German. [NSFW]

So I went to germany recently and was really hoping to try some native food. I asked my friend if he knew any cuisine that we could go and eat out...he punched me across the face and told me to leave his cousin alone.

What do you call an Irish woman that accidentally poisons people with her Asian cuisine?

Thai food Mary.

I don't like German cuisine.

It's just the Wurst.

A Mexican dock worker is loading a ship...

A Mexican dock worker is loading a boat with a shipment of French cuisine, when his boss happens to walk by. The boss asks, "hey, what's that you're loading over there?"

The dock worker replies, "Es cargo."

Did you hear about the board game which traps you in a mystical world of French cuisine from which you must eat you way out?

It's called "Je manger."

Why did the cuisine chef buy more shares in the restaurant?

He wanted a greater steak in the place..
I'll go home now..

My friend asked me "have you ever tried Ethiopian cuisine?"

"Yeah man, those Red cross packets are great."

Had Mexican terrorist cuisine for lunch today...

The ricin beans were delicious.

What do you get when you put an MVP basketball player into classic Indian cuisine?

Steph-in Curry

Have you experienced British weather, tasted British cuisine and met British women?

And that's why they had so many colonies.

African cuisine menu

An Italian cuisine delivery guy crashed on a highway while delivering food...

He pasta way.

New cuisines

I went to a Chinese/ German fusion buffet today for lunch. I had the Szechuan Schnitzel with sweet and sour kraut. It was pretty good. My only complaint is that an hour later I was hungry...

Canada got it all wrong!

So Canada got it all wrong. I mean, they had the opportunity to have American technology, British culture and French cuisine, but went with American culture, British cuisine and French technology!

Heard this about 20 years ago and it still makes me chuckle. Can't beat a good stereotype!

Did you hear about the Asian cuisine chef that dropped a dumpling on the floor?

He was charged with wonton endangerment.

I want to open a restaurant that fuses Chinese and Middle Eastern cuisine

I call it "Wok like an Egyptian".

My wife hated my obsession with Asian cuisine...

Sushi left me.

I asked my Japanese girlfriend to make me a traditional dish tasty enough to make me fall in love with her national cuisine.

Sushi did.

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