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The Best Cuddly Puns

Adam and God discus women

Adam says to God, God, why did you make women so soft? God says, "So that you will like them. Adam says, "God, why did you make women so warm and cuddly? God says, So that you will like them. "Adam says to God, But, God, why did you make them so stupid? God says, So that they will like you.

Steer clear if you don't like cow puns

Why are cows the most forgiving animals?
Because forgiveness is bovine.
Alternatively: because they're always ready to turn the udder cheek.

Why is it best to hug a cow right after it eats?
Because then it's extra cuddly.

I knew this guy whose favorite thing was to cover a cow's eyes. He just loved to make them low and behold.

You know what makes cow puns so great?
You can always come up with an udder one.

I recruited a nice little girl and her cute cuddly kitten to the flat earthers this weekend.

I also figured out the brakes on my truck are overdue to be replaced.

Free to Good Home:

Small terrier, cute and cuddly but barks constantly. If interested, I'll hop the neighbor's fence and get him for you.

My parents 140lb Yellow Lab is so big and cuddly, you might be convinced he was studying to become a blanket.

As a family, we're all very supportiveβ€”we're just worried he'll succeed.

Dogs are like fat people

They're all cute and cuddly until you try touching they're food

What do you call a zombie cuddly bear?


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