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Best Short Cucumber Pickle Jokes

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  1. Did you hear about the cucumber who sold his soul to be pickled? He made a dill with the devil.
  2. A beetle was happily eating a cucumber, but then the cucumber suddenly was immersed in vinegar As the beetle started to burn it thought, *"Uh oh, now I'm really in a pickle."*
  3. I fell in love with a cucumber farmer. We had many good years together but then, as these things do, it turned sour.
    Long story short: I'm in a bit of a pickle.
  4. Larry the Cucumber was having trouble. Bob the Tomatoe walked in and said, "Sounds like quite the pickle".
  5. In my Horticulture class we were supposed to grow cucumbers, but I didn't pay attention to the lessons. You could say I was in a pickle.
  6. Why is it that pickled cucumbers are just called "pickles" while pickled human fingers are called "evidence"?
  7. What did the carrot say to the cucumber that owed him money? Hey man, you knew the dill. Now you're in a pickle, and I couldn't carrot all.
  8. On the topic of pleasurable foods, my friend said she likes cucumbers for their "multiple uses." She said she doesnt like pickles. I said... It's better with some dill dho
  9. Some people say cucumbers are a fruit, while others say they are a vegetable. It's a pickle alright.
  10. Benedict Cumberbatch, if we dissect his name it means "Blessed batch of cucumbers" In other words, he is just a jar of Kosher Dill Pickles

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Cucumber Pickle One Liners

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  1. I've been stuck in this cucumber costume so long... That now I'm in a pickle
  2. What makes a cucumber turn into a pickle? A jarring experience
  3. What does it take for a cucumber to become a pickle? A jarring experience.
  4. I just pickled a cucumber! It's kind of a big dill.
  5. A cucumber made a deal with the devil. He is quite in a pickle now.
    Source: Stole it.
  6. What did the pickle say to the cucumber? Come on in the water's brine!
  7. I was trapped inside a cucumber, then it fell into vinegar Now I'm really in a pickle.
  8. How does a cucumber become a pickle? It goes through a jarring experience.
  9. What did the cucumber say to the pickle? Nothing, they can't talk.
  10. I like my woman just like my cucumbers Pickled
  11. What did the cucumber say to the cucumber in a jar? You look pickled.
  12. What did the old cucumber seed say? I'm in a real pickle.
  13. It's never too early for a pickle... ...unless it's a cucumber!
  14. What's do pickles and girls have in common? They both come from cucumbers
  15. What do a cucumber and I have in common? Sometimes we both find ourselves in a pickle.

Cucumber Pickle Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Yo' Mama is so n**..., she put a cucumber in her p**... and pulled out a pickle.

Pickling cucumbers isn't easy.

I hear its cumbersome.

Father & Son

A father and son are going for a walk.
The son turns to the father, and asks "did you know cows can give milk?"
The father replies "so do some sheep."
They walk a bit more, and the son asks "did you know trees can grow fruit?"
The father replies "so do some bushes."
They walk a little further down the trail and the son asks "did you know pickles come from cucumbers?"
The father replies "so do some girls!"

What do you call the state of a suicidal cucumber

Pickling Depression

I like to make a sandwich with just cucumbers and pickles...

I call it the Before and After

What did the cucumber say when he fell into a vat of brine?

Looks like I'm in quite a pickle.

I was in the process of making a cucumber salad for an important culinary exam.

I was in the proccess of making a cucumber salad for an important culinary exam. I went and grabbed the last cucumber from the refrigerator, but on my way back I tripped. The cucumber fell into some brine, and by the time I'd fished it out it was to late. Now I've got a real pickle in my hands.

What is the difference between a cucumber and a shark attack?

One is a pickle you can make, the other is a pickle you can't escape.

What happens when you have s**... with a cucumber?

You're in a bit of a pickle

Your in a cucumber right now.

The longer you wait, the more of a pickle its going to be.

A worm munches himself into the center of a cucumber.

He keeps eating the delicious cucumber center when all of a sudden he feels himself lifted into the sky and t**... into a jar. He peaks out of the cucumber to see a bunch of other cucumbers. All of a sudden he sees liquid being poured inside the jar.
He crawled back inside his cucumber grave where he thought to himself "I'm really in a pickle this time."

Why are cucumbers always so stressed when put in vinegar?

They know that they will inevitably be in a pickle

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