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The Best Cubic Puns

My boyfriend bought me a diamond ring

The stone was cut in the shape of a four leaf clover. I wore it every day.

I got curious and had it valued at a jeweller's. Unfortunately my boyfriend had been swindled, as the diamond was actually a cubic zirconia.

It was a sham rock.

What did the polyhedron get when he hit puberty?

Cubic hair

What happens to Minecraft characters when they turn 16?

They grow cubic hair!

Textile Mill Heist

Earlier today police apprehended a criminal who had loaded an industrial-sized loom and 10 cubic meters of wool onto a truck in an attempted robbery of a local textile factory.

Police became suspicious of the truck when they noticed the driver weaving all over the road.

I'm doin' meth

I just remembered the cubic subtrection formule

What's a pirates favorite unit of volumetric measurement?

Cubic yarrrrds!

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