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Best Short Cube Jokes

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  1. My father is cuban and my mother is from Iceland. So i am...... .....
    an Ice Cube
    Cred: Russell Peters
  2. Americans are the best at solving Rubik's Cube They have a long history of sorting and separating colour
  3. I was reading through the ingredients for a fruit salad I'm making today It said: "Pineapples: five cubed."
    I'm not sure though, 125 will probably be too many.
  4. I just melted an ice cube by staring at it. Took a bit longer than I thought it would, though.
  5. Mother, mother, ... ... how come other children need hours to solve Rubik's cube but I do it in just a few seconds?
    - Well, sweetie, it's because you're color blind.
  6. earlier today I dropped an ice cube It slipped under the refrigerator and I couldn't reach it. I was really upset about it at first but now I'm over it. water under the fridge.
  7. Parents in 1998: Don't believe everything you read on the internet Parents in 2018: Did you know that dogs will die if you feed them ice cubes?
  8. A man sees a blonde girl staring intently at a ice cube in her hand The man asks the girl why she's staring at the ice cube and she responds, "I'm trying to figure out where it's leaking from."
  9. An ice cube fell in love with a Bunsen burner. Bunsen... My flame...I melt whenever I see you," confessed the ice cube.
    * Chill, it's just a phase you're going through. *
  10. Cool Customers Two drunks are sitting at the bar staring into their drinks. 'hey cobber, you ever seen an ice cube with a hole in it before?'
    'Yes, I've been married to one for 15 years'.

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Cube One Liners

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  1. Why are racists so good at solving rubik's cubes? Cuz they looooove seperating colors.
  2. I don't understand why Ice Cube hates the police so much... They are a really good band
  3. What would happen if the Earth was a Cube? We'd all be cubans. ^^^^I'm ^^^^sorry
  4. If Ice Cube and snoop dogg adopted a child... they could call it Slush Puppy :)
  5. What happens when an entire Borg cube is exasperated? They let out a collective sigh.
  6. If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice? H2O cubed
  7. How does Ice-Cube drink his milk? Straight Outta Carton.
  8. What do you call friendly frozen water? a nice cube
  9. What do you call it when two Nissan Cubes get into an accident? A wreck-tangle.
  10. What's Fuzzy, Smokes, and Comes in Cubes? Fidel Castro.
  11. My attempts to combine nitrous oxide and Oxo cubes made me a laughing stock
  12. If a woman from Cuba marries a man from iceland Are their children called ice cubes?
  13. Jesus tried to solve a Rubik's cube He died on the cross.
  14. How do you add flavor to your algorithm? Use a Boolean cube.
  15. What is a programmer's favorite artificial meat flavoring? A boolean cube

Ice Cube Jokes

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  • Today I learned that I can make an ice cube melt just by concentrating on it and thinking ''Melt.'' I have to admit that it takes a lot longer than I expected.
  • I dropped an ice cube next to the freezer. It melted and got my sock wet the next time I went to the kitchen. I was mad at first, but now it's mostly water under the fridge.
  • I can't decide between Star Trek popsicles or a Star Trek ice cube mold.. both choices have their frozen Khans.
  • Life Pro Tip: If you accidentally drop ice cubes on the kitchen floor, quietly kick it under the refrigerator. Soon it'll be water under the fridge.
  • Someone told me I could make ice cubes out of leftover wine I'm confused... What is leftover wine??
  • My mother woke me up with the sentence „Hey, we're getting new phones! I was happy, but not sure why I woke up in a bathtub full of ice cubes.
  • A guy from iceland and a girl from cuba get married.What are their children called? Ice cubes
  • I Tried Snorting Coke once... ... but the ice cubes got caught in my nose.
  • What's cool cool cool Ice cubed
  • LPT: If you accidentally drop ice cubes on the floor, quietly kick them under the refrigerator. It'll soon be water under the fridge.

Rubik Cube Jokes

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  • ChatGPT can solve a Rubik's cube in less than a second, but it still can't find its way out of a recursion loop!
  • Can someone help me find some videos of Al Gore dancing? I'm trying to solve a Rubik's cube and a friend told me that using Al Gore Rhythms could help.
  • What do Rubik's cubes and your wee wee have in common? Well for most people the more you play with them the harder they get... for me, I play with them for a few seconds and then it's finished.
  • I tried to solve the Rubik's cube today but got nowhere with it. Back to square one.
  • I don't get why people say rubik's cubes are so hard. There's literally only one combination Yes, I'm colorblind. Why are y'all asking?
  • What goes: Click. "Did I get it?" Click. "Did I get it?" Stevie Wonder solving a Rubik's Cube.
  • I can complete a Rubik's Cube without touching it Perk of being colour blind
  • My colour blind friend is still upset with me. I thought the Rubik's cube was a great gift.
  • News: British man who built world's largest Rubik's cube builds world's largest fidget spinner. He then went home to the world's emptiest bed.
  • My teacher confiscated my rubiks cube today... He said it was a weapon of maths disruption.

Rubiks Cube Jokes

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  • No matter how much a dog mixes up a rubik's cube it will always be solved
  • My mom said "Its harder to keep one girl happy for a long time, then it is a bunch of girls happy for a night" I said if I wanted a challenge I would've bought a Rubik's cube.
  • What does the soundtrack of An Inconvenient Truth have in common with solving a Rubik's Cube? Algorithms
  • What gets harder the more you play with it? A Rubik's cube, you dirty minded individuals!
  • Relationship Status: I'm a Rubik's Cube. Now try and figure me out.
  • Hey girl, are you a Rubik's Cube? Because you're really easy when people make the right moves.
  • One advantage to being colour blind is.. Always being able to quickly finish a Rubik's cube.
  • My brother has aspergers... ... so if you give him a rubik's cube he doesn't say thanks.
  • I gave a paraplegic a Rubik's cube... Left him completely stumped.
  • Q: What goes click-click-click..."Did I get it?" A: Ray Charles doing Rubik's Cube

Rubix Cube Jokes

Here is a list of funny rubix cube jokes and even better rubix cube puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Rubix Cubes & Racism Why are Americans so good at solving the Rubix Cube?

    Because they're good at separating colors.
  • What goes: 'click' is that it? 'click' is that it? 'click' is that it? A blind guy with a rubix cube
  • Chuck norris once ate a rubix cube and pooped it out solved.
  • The creation of a perfect sphere became possible after Chuck Norris became enraged with a rubix cube and roundhouse kicked the corners off it.
  • How do Asians find our they are pregnant? They send a rubix cube up to see if it gets solved.
  • What does a w**... and a Rubix Cube have in common? The more you play with it, the harder it gets.
  • Rubix cubes are like p**...... The more you play with them, the harder they get.

Oxo Cube Jokes

Here is a list of funny oxo cube jokes and even better oxo cube puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I went to Sweden to look for some Oxo Cubes. I hear they have a really good shop there called "Stockhome".
Cube joke, I went to Sweden to look for some Oxo Cubes.

Cheeky Cube Jokes that Will Make You and Your Friends Chuckle

What funny jokes about cube you can tell and make people laugh? One example I can give are clean toolbox jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make cube prank.

What are these two cubes with the dots all over them?

Ah, it must be paradise.

What's the difference between an ice cube and England?

An ice cube can stay in the cup for longer!

What's the difference between l**... and l**... (Latter Day Saints)?

one you take with a sugar cube, the other with a grain of salt :P

What is another name for a Nissan Cube?

A tool box.

My girlfriend says she's going to a club called "The Cube" tonight...

Sounds pretty edgy to me.

The Liar Ant

I saw an ant in the kitchen so I placed a sugar cube in front of her.
She inspected it and went to tell her friends, then I quickly hid the sugar cube coz I wanted them to think she's a liar.

What is a wolfs favorite puzzle?

AWOOObix cube!

A man went ice fishing one day and reeled-in a giant ice cube

After months of only catching fish, he finally caught a cold.

What's the square root of a hyper cube?

A sugar cube!

An ice cube decided to wear a new hat

A nice man saw this, and said to the ice cube: "Looking solid, dude!"
The ice cube absolutely melted at this sweet compliment.
Now he's looking liquid, dude.

Why is solving a Rubik's Cube like a l**...'s e**...?

It looks hard, but it's really easy to pull off.

Why did the ice cube drop out of highschool?

It was too cool for school.

What do you call a dessert that starts out as a cube of fruit-filled pastry and is slowly stretched until it's long and flat?


I wrote a program that figures out if soup is made from scratch or from a cube

It returns a bouillon Boolean.

Ice Cube is 48 years old, but still hasn't melted. Do you know why?

Man's not hot.

How did the Blacksmith pick up the red hot 1000° steel cube with just his hands?

He just held it by the cubes corners which were 90°

What did an ice cube say to the fire.


What do you call a hairy puzzle?

Pubik's Cube.

How to make an ice cube melt faster?

Talk to it and get into a heated argument

A cube walks into a bar...

A cube walks into a bar and comes out as a sphere. A passerby saw and asked them what happened. The sphere replied oh I just had a drink to take the edge off .

What did the ice cube say to the glass of water?

I'm cooler than you

How can you tell that an ice cube didn't graduate from college in the US?

Because it has 0 degrees.
Also because it uses the Celsius scale.

Did you hear Ice Cube converted to Judeaism?

He changed his name to Ice Berg.

Did you know that choking on a single cube of water is i**... in some places?

It's referred to as an obstruction of just ice.

When does a square become a cube?

When it hits cuberty.

Cube joke, Americans are the best at solving Rubik's Cube

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