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Top 10 of the Funniest Cubans Jokes and Puns

What would happen if the Earth was a Cube?

We'd all be cubans. ^^^^I'm ^^^^sorry

Fidel Castro just died, Cubans can be finally happy that their country will be ruled by the young generation led by a much younger leader.

His 85 year old brother!

How do you fit 20 Cubans in a shoebox?

How do you fit 20 Cubans in a shoebox?

Tell them it floats!

Cubans joke, How do you fit 20 Cubans in a shoebox?

What is the difference between pick and choose?

To pick is to make a selection... And choose are what Cubans wear on their feet.

Bartender and His Customers

A neurosurgeon, two Cubans, a fascist, a socialist, and a prisoner all walk into a bar together.

The bartender asks, "What's new?"

They all reply, "I'm running for president."

What do you get when an attractive American woman walks into a room full of Cubans?

A Cuban Missile Crisis

Why don't the Cubans have Olympic swimmers?

Because they make it here.

Cubans joke, Why don't the Cubans have Olympic swimmers?

What do you call 4 cubans on a raft heading towards America?

Quatro Sinko

A Joke Cubans told in the Fidel Castro years

This was told/translated to me about 20 years ago when I was there on a visit.
A man is painting political graffiti on a wall when a policeman catches him. He has gotten as far as writing, Down with Fi
Policeman asks what he thinks he is doing. The man asks, How do you spell Clinton? Finton or Clinton?

How do you fit eight Cubans in a box?

Tell them that it floats.

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