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When does a cub become a boy scout?

When he eats his first brownie


A lion offspring asked his dad "What is a world series?"

"I don't expect you to understand son, you are just a Cub"


A Native American child asks his father how they choose children's names.

Father - "After you are born, we open the tepee and the first thing we see is what we name you. Like your eldest brother, Soaring Eagle, your sister, Falling Leaves, and your little brother, Grizzly Cub. Why do you ask Two Dogs Humping?"


A mother polar bear and her cub are crossing the tundra...

"Mom," says the little cub, "Was daddy a polar bear?"

"Yes," says the mother, "Your father was a polar bear."

"Was he a hundred percent polar bear?" asked the cub.

"Yes, he was one hundred percent polar bear" the mother replied.

"And mom," says the cub, "Are you a polar bear?"

"Yes, honey. I'm a polar bear."

"A hundred percent polar bear?"

"Yes. One hundred percent polar bear."

"So mom, does that make me a polar bear?"

"Yes, honey. You are a hundred percent polar bear." the mother turned to her son, "Son, why are you so concerned about being a hundred percent polar bear?"

The son replied, "Because I'm fucking cold."


A young bear cub was roaming the jungle . An animal he had never seen before comes strolling out of the trees.

He asks " excuse me what kind of animal are you?"

The animal replys
" well, I am a tiger"

The bear acts suprised and says " are you sure? You don't look like a tiger."

The tiger says " Do you think I'm a lyin?"


A bear walks into a bar.

He sits down, and motions over the bartender.

Bartender says hey, man, what'll ya have?

Bear says I would like

Sure. But why the long pause?

I don't know, I've had them since I was a cub.


What's blue and gold and comes in brownies?

Cub Scouts.


Why was the lion cub sent to jail?

It was a child predator.


A Polar Bear Cub

Walks up to its mother

"Mum, am I part Brown Bear?"

"No dear"

"Am I part Black Bear?"

"No dear, your all Polar Bear"

"Grizzly? Panda?"

"No why?!"

"Because I'm fucking freezing!"


Why did Michael Jackson get kicked out of the cub scouts?

He was up to a pack a day...


i know all my jokes are dad jokes but...

You know what the majestic kodiak tells his cub...

Bear with me.


When did the Cub Scout become a Boy Scout?

When he ate his first Brownie!


What does a girl from the south and a bear cub have in common?

They both like to suck their paws


What do you call a stillborn grizzly cub?



A polar bear cub walks up to her mom and says

Mom, are you a polar bear?

Yes, dear. I'm a polar bear.

And is Dad a polar bear?

Yes, your father is a polar bear.

What about gramma and grampa, are they polar bears?

Yes, your grandparents are polar bears. All of your relatives are polar bears. Why do you ask?

Because I'm fucking freezing.


Why did Michael Jackson give up the cub scouts?

He was up to a pack a day

Shout out to my Criminology professor for this one


what do you call a brownie with nuts

a cub scout


got kicked out of cub scouts as a kid...

for eating a brownie...


Why did mamma bear ask her cub to put on a coat?

Because he was a little bear.


Simba asks Mustafa what is the World Series

He replies, "I'd expect you to know this, as you are a cub."


What's blue and comes in brownies?

Cub scouts.


What do you call a disabled cub scout?

A nub scout.


My son got thrown out of the cub scouts today.

They caught him eating a brownie.


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